Udaariyaan: The Saint’s words to shock Fateh!

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Colors popular show udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Jasmine scaring Tejo with fire.

Previously it was seen that Sandhus got elated seeing Fateh taking care of Tejo. Tejo cried when she didn’t find Fateh for a second. Fateh calmed her down. He wrote their addresses on a paper. He made a boat of that paper and gave it to Tejo.

Gurpreet called Jasmine and asked her to come to Gurudwara with Fateh as she organized a prayer for them. Jasmine told Fateh the same. Fateh asked Jasmine to go with her brother. He explained to the Sandhus to keep harmful things away from Tejo especially the fire since she’s scared of it. On hearing this Jasmine smirked.

She went to Tejo with a lighter. She ignited fire of the lighter to scare Tejo. She threatened to burn Tejo’s room along with her and asked her to refuse to marry Fateh. A sacred Tejo ran to Fateh and hugged him. Fateh calmed her down. Tejo said that Fateh was only hers. She called Jasmine bad sister. Later Jasmine met Gurpreet and put up an emotional act. Meanwhile Tejo and Fateh spent quality time together.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Tejo, Fateh and Sandhus will meet a Saint and will ask about Tejo’s future. Tejo will ask about her marriage with Fateh. Satti will ask if Tejo will get well. The Saint will say that everything won’t happen according to their wish. Satti will ask if Tejo won’t get well ever. The Saint will say that Fateh has to make his heart strong.

The Saint will add that only God’s will happen. Fateh will look on shocked. In the night Tejo will come to a place looking for Fateh. She will see a shadow. She will ask who is there. She will shout Fateh getting scared.

What will happen next? Will Jasmine get successful in her intention?

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