Udaariyaan Weekly Update: Tejo exposes Jasmine’s evil act in front of Virks.

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The week begins with Tejo deciding to stay at Virk’s house. Kushbeer asks Tejo to stay in her and Fateh’s room. Fateh says to Kushbeer that bringing Tejo back isn’t a solution, he loves Jasmine and can’t accept Tejo as his wife. Kushbeer says that Tejo has come here as his daughter and he and Jasmine can leave the house if they have any problem. Jasmine argues with Tejo stating that Fateh belongs to her, so obviously his room and the house belong to her too. Tejo gives her a befitting reply which rages Jasmine. Fateh forcibly takes Jasmine from there. Jasmine argues with Fateh saying that she has rights to stay on that room, not Tejo. Fateh calms her down saying that Tejo won’t stay here for long and they will also leave once they will get visa for Canada. In the night Fateh goes to his room to get his night clothes. He got hurt while searching for the clothes, so Tejo gives him his clothes. Jasmine gets angry seeing this and decides to shift Fateh’s belongings to the guestroom.

Jasmine asks Fateh to sleep in the room, but Fateh refuses since his family members won’t like it and also they’re not married. Jasmine asks Fateh to marry her, but Fateh says that he wants his family accept Jasmine and asks her to work hard for that. Jasmine says that Tejo won everyone’s heart already and asks Fateh to do something to get her the same respect and rights that Tejo getting in that house.

Fateh sees his family giving credit to Tejo for Biji’s fast recovery. He confronts Tejo. Fateh asks Tejo what she’s trying to prove by staying here. Tejo says that she came for Biji. Fateh argues with her and asks then why Tejo is messing with Jasmine and shows she has rights on him. Tejo says it’s his misunderstanding. She doesn’t want him in her life. A liar and a cheater doesn’t have any place in her life. Fateh leaves getting angry. After sometimes, Fateh comes back with divorce papers and asks Tejo to prove her words by signing it. Everyone in the family gets shocked while Jasmine gets happy. Tejo says to Fateh that she already removed him from her heart. She signs the divorce papers. She says that she freed him, but he will soon realise the price he paid to get that freedom. Fateh looks shocked. Jasmine gets elated that Tejo signed the divorce papers. She gets eager to know Tejo’s next move after divorce. Fateh id upset.

Dadaji questions the family why they didn’t stop Tejo from signing the divorce papers. Kushbeer decides to anyhow make Fateh realise that Jasmine isn’t correct for him and this family. Jasmine shares her joy with Sweety over phone and plans to go shopping with Sweety. Jasmine is waiting for sweety. Rupy and Satti meet Jasmine and beg her to leave Fateh, but Jasmine refuses and speaks rudely with them. Rupy slaps Jasmine. Later Jasmine comes to Tejo’s room to take Fateh’s clothes from there. She argues with Tejo while doing so. In the evening Fateh and Jasmine go to have dinner with Satinder and Nikki. Tejo makes a plan to cheer the family up. She enacts and dances with Mayi in front of family. Fateh and Jasmine come back home and sees the same. Biji drags Fateh to dance with them. Fateh stands close to Tejo which rages Jasmine.

Jasmine decides to make Tejo out of the house. Tejo comes to sleep in her room and gets bad smell in the room. She sprays the air freshener, but no use of it. So Tejo goes to the hall and sleeps in the couch opposite of the couch on which Fateh is sleeping. Jasmine sees this and gets angry. Fateh wakes up and gets surprised on seeing Tejo sleeping opposite to him. Tejo feels cold. Fateh assures that Tejo doesn’t have fever and covers her with the blanket. In the morning family sees Tejo sleeping on the couch and questions about the same. Tejo explains them about the bad smell coming from her room. Family and Tejo check the room and Kushbeer decides to call the cleaners. Jasmine smirks and recalls placing something in Tejo’s room.

Tejo family pays a visit to the Virk’s. The Cleaners and the plumbers check the room and didn’t find from where the smell was coming. They inform Kushbeer and leave. Dadji says that it can be terminate. They need to break wall to clean it. Mayi worries where Tejo will stay until the wall will get built again. Tejo decides to return to her parents house. Biji asks Tejo to promise to return here when her room will be ready. Tejo agrees. Tejo gets doubts on Jasmine and warns her when she tried to mess up with Tejo.

Biji asks Fateh and Tejo to perform Ganapati’s puja. Jasmine stops Fateh holding his hand, but Biji says that Fateh and Tejo aren’t divorced yet and takes Fateh and made him stand with Tejo. Jasmine looks at them angrily. Fateh and Tejo perform the puja. Gurpreet hands milk to Tejo to pour it over Ganapati’s statue. Tejo accidentally pours the milk over Jasmine. Nimmo reminds the family that Fateh insulted Tejo the same way for Jasmine. The latter blames Tejo of intentionally spoiling her dress. Fateh stops Jasmine and asks her to change her dress. Later Tejo and her family take Fateh’s family leave. Jasmine is happy that her plan to oust Tejo worked. On her way Tejo remembers a childhood moment in which Dadi narrated her and Jasmine a story. In the story a man left a dead rat in water tank to oust a family out of the house.

Tejo returns home and catches Jasmine redhanded taking out the rat from Tejo’s room. Tejo brings Jasmine in front of the family and exposes her plan. Jasmine denies it and accuses Tejo of putting false allegations on her to make her bad in front of Fateh’s family. She asks Tejo why she stays at Fateh’s house after signing the divorce papers. Fateh also takes Jasmine’s side and questions Tejo. Tejo decides to fight back and tears apart the divorce papers and says she won’t give divorce and will stay in this house in Fateh’s room and challenges Jasmine to do whatever she wants shocking Fateh and Jasmine. Jasmine tries to convince the family that she’s innocent. They refuse to believe Jasmine and supports Tejo. However Fateh supports Jasmine shocking his family and Tejo.

Later Jasmine tries to manipulate Fateh that Tejo is trying to trap her as she’s jealous of them. Fateh refuses to believe this which angers Jasmine. Biji decides to make Fateh realise Jasmine isn’t right choice for him and this family and tells a plan. Jasmine decides to make Fateh believe Tejo is behind everything. Fateh catches the man,who arrived to deliver dead rat. The man lies Tejo ordered it. Fateh decides to confront Tejo, but changes his mind recalling Biji’s health condition. Biji called Fateh’s friends home and asks Jasmine to prepare snacks for them. Jasmine cooks tasteless pakode which Fateh’s friends don’t like.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will see Buzzo hugging and consoling Tejo. Fateh will get furious and will drag Buzzo in front of the family and will shout at Tejo asking to say the truth. Just then someone will come and say that she will tell the truth. Everyone will look at that person.

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