Udaariyaan: What surprise Fateh is planning for Jasmine?

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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Tejo admitting that she still loves Fateh.

In the previous episode it was seen that Jasmine argued with Tejo. She said that she’s doing fake engagement drama to snatch Fateh from her as Tejo still loves Fateh. Tejo was shocked to know that Jasmine knew about her drama. Tejo admitted that she still loves Fateh, but she doesn’t want him back in her life after his betrayal. Tejo said that she does this drama for Jasmine’s happiness and for herself so that she can go away after Jasmine and Fateh’s wedding far away from Jasmine and her hatred. Tejo left crying Satti heard this and comforted Tejo. Fateh was looking after the arrangements for Jasmine’s grant entry, but by mistake Tejo and Fateh came under that spot and the flower petals fell over them enraging Jasmine. The latter created a scene and lashed out at Tejo for ruining her grant entry plan. Fateh tried to calm Jasmine down, but it was in vain. A furious Jasmine took a vessel which contained water over Tejo, but Angad saved Tejo in time by pouring water on the floor.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Jasmine will be getting for the wedding. Jasmine’s friends will say to Jasmine that Fateh is a good boy. Jasmine will ask where Fateh is. Other hand Tejo and Angad will get engaged. Fateh will be shown going on a bike somewhere. Jasmine’s friend will inform Jasmine that she can’t find Fateh anywhere. Jasmine will look worried.

Where Fateh has gone? What Fateh is planning? Will Fateh call off his wedding with Jasmine?

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