Udaariyan: Armaan gets to see Aasman!

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In the latest episode, Aasman comes back to Shehnaz’s house and pleads to leave Rifat Bi. Shehnaz leaves Rifat Bi on the condition that she would do as Shehnaz instructs. Aasman agrees to her under pressure. Rifat Bi asks Noor why she came back and if she recalled anything. She says that she remembers she is Indian. Rifat Bi asks her to keep this to herself or else they can do anything to her. Noor apologises to Rifat Bi for the bad thing that happened to her. She says that she is very sure that her love would surely come to find her. Armaan wonders how to find Aasman.


Armaan tells the police officer that he has come here to find his wife and not to cause any harm to their citizens. He asks the police to shoot him if he thinks he is faking. He swears upon his love and says if he is lying he would never be able to see his wife. The officer lets him go for love. Aasman asks Shehnaz to leave Rifat Bi.

Armaa saves an old man from getting hit by a car and gets bruised himself. Murtazim comes to Noor’s room and asks if she knows the meaning of Nikah and if there’s something that she wants to tell him. She thinks of telling him everything but thinks of the consequences and decides to remain silent for Rifat Bi. He promises Noor to never let her feel the absence of her family.

The old man saves Armaan from the police and helps him find Aasman. He takes Armaan to the place where Noor and Murtazim serve food to the poor as a ritual. Armaan finally gets to see Aasman and thanks Lord. Would he be able to talk to Aasman? Would Shehnaz let Armaan and Aasman meet? To know what happens next, keep watching Udaariyan and stay updated to this space.