Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 6 Written Update: Limelight is thrown for the Queen

The episode starts with Queen mourning for her son’s death and the King checks on her every night. Court lady Shin feels overwhelmed with King’s care for Queen. Physician Kwon gets tortured by State counsillor for truth but he doesn’t open mouth. The Ministers force King to full the Crown Prince position but he decides to let it vacant for time being. They suggest for takehyeon as the Crown Prince successor is too young but he turns down their request. State Counsillor suspects the Crown Prince was poisoned to death shocking the King. Court Lady Shin reports it all to the Queen. The rumours spread that the Queen poisoned the Crown Prince. Queen paid no heed to it and went on to train her sons for Crown Prince including Gye Seong. Queen visits Seong Nam who’s devastated with the King’s loss. He wanted to leave the palace but she asks him to stay as it is what the Crown Prince wanted. He recalls a moment from their childhood.

Queen bumps with Crown Princess who accuses her maids for trying to harm Grand Prince by poisoning him. They deny it calling her delusional and Queen warns them. She decides to investigate. She met with King regarding the same who also says that he already issued investigation over the same on Crown Princess request. He asks whether she too suspects poisoning but Queen denies saying that she don’t want to believe that they failed protect their child. She asks him to stop checking on her at night as he’s also lost his son. Tear drops from King’s eyes. Queen watches Grand Prince playing when she gets informed that Court Lady Shin is getting interrogated. She rushes there to find her tortured and scolds State Counsillor for not taking her permission before conducting the interrogation. She warns him while he smirks. She understands that the poison rumor is a bait to impose takehyeon. She decides to not let anyone know that they got medicine from outside for Crown Prince. Consort Tae eavesdrops their conversation. She gives some refreshment to Queen and asks abot takehyeon. Queen says it may happen and also warns her about the political war.

Distinguished Consorts headed by Consort Hwang were discussing about the Queen poisoning the Crown Prince while Hwang asks them to not run their mouth without knowing the truth. She secretly visits State Counsillor and says that it was her who poisoned crown Prince but not at the thought of killing him. She says she just wanted to make his condition worse but he passed away unfortunately. State Counsillor scolds her while she requests him to stop the interrogation. Physician Kwon gets interrogated by Queen who refuses to have poisoned the Crown Prince. It was revealed that he’s having affair with Consort Hwang. Next day, Court Lady Shin says about State Counsillor ending the interrogation abruptly while the Queen gets doubtful. Consort Tae got invited to the Distinguished Consorts meeting only to show her place. The other Consort explains the difference between her and them.

At Jonghuk, everyone were preparing sincerely for Crown Prince post and Ui Seong mocks Mu An when he claims that he’s the next Crown Prince. Seong Nam comes there and sgives him a befitting reply. Bo gum also answers back Ui Seong angering him. He picks up a sword fight with Bo Gium to show him his place and belittles him. Seong Nam saves Bo Gum and fights with Ui Seong defeating him. Seong Nam’s master takes him away and they prepare for Crown Prince post. Queen also makes her other sons to physically endure all the pain and Seong Nam joins them. They slowly get trained for Crown Prince’s post. Bo gum is angry when his mother asks him to compete for Crown Prince position. He reveals that he has nothing like others because of her background and asks her to stop dreaming of it. Consort Tae gets furious and wants to make her son the Crown Prince. In the meantime, Yoon’s daughter makes a portrait of Seong Nam to search him.

The spy who follows Queen informs to Do Wager that the Queen met with deposed Queen Yoon and she gets scared. Everyone were making their move to take the post of the Crown Prince. Do Wager recalls how the Queen, the then Crown Princess always considered Queen Yoon as the real Queen. It’s the King’s order to make her the Crown Princess despite her against it as Yoon suggested the Queen. She fumes in anger and goes to the King. She forces him to take a decision soon regarding the post of the Crown Prince. Consort Tae visited Minister Yoon asking his help to back up Prince Bo Gum as the Crown Prince. In return she gives away the news about Queen getting medicine from outside for Crown Prince. He passes the information to State Counsillor.

State Counsillor uses Physician Kwon’s assistants to give statement against the Queen regarding getting the medicine from outside the palace. Next day, a trial is announced with State Counsillor accusing the Queen with his made witnesses. The Queen argues with him that he had more chances of wanting the Crown Prince killed and their argument lead to the past. The King stopped them and kept it hold for the next day. Do Wager warned the Queen for running her mouth regarding the past and also reveals that she knew about her meeting with traitor Yoon. She threatens her with her other son’s lives. The Queen returns to her chamber to find Crown Princess and Grand Prince. She checks the food before feeding it to him but he asked for the other one and so she fed it without testing. She then finds a drawing of him which he says that it’s a secret between him and the Nurse maid. It shows that she’s pricking some needle in his body and checks his body and confirms it. She finds poison on the spoon she just fed and makes him spit it out immediately.