Vansh to avenge Riddhima, latter decides to throw Vihaan out from the house: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Colors show Ishq Mein Marjawan is high on drama

Vihaan’s unexpected move shocked Riddhima post he as Vansh announced that he wants to give divorce to Riddhima. Riddhima thinks how Vihaan is behaving similarly like Vansh and stands confused.

In the episode so far it is seen, Ishani says to Vansh that Riddhima gave cop the responsibility to find his body. Cop was Kabir and he came in the house to take over his property and money. Kabir in his mind think he should have killed Ishani. Ishani asks Kabir not to stare as his dream of becoming house owner is dropped because Vansh is back.  She accuses Riddhima for all the mess. Daadi comes and tells to Vansh that Riddhima alone is not culprit but all of them supported her. Ishani asks Daadi not to always support Riddhima. Vansh sees Kabir and goes to him. Riddhima thinks Vihaan is reacting exactly how Vansh would have reacted.

Kabir and Vansh recall their moment with each other. Kabir and Vansh face-off. Kabir says to Vansh that he can avenge him. But he tried to find his body. He says he was about to leave the city forever but at the same time he learned his relationship with Anupriya. Kabir says he thought post him he will take care of his family. He says to Vansh he kept marriage proposal to Riddhima and she accepted it. Riddhima thinks Kabir is lying. Kabir says to Vansh that he came back now it is time for him leave. He says but he wants a permission to take with him his valuable thing on which he has a right. Kabir takes Anupriya with him. Riddhima thinks she won over Kabir. Anupriya says to Kabir that this is not their mission. Vansh stops Kabir. Kabir says to Anupriya now their mission will come running to them. Vansh says to Kabir that he is taking his valuable thing. Anupriya thinks he is talking about her. Vansh asks for his turban. Riddhima thinks she didn’t told Vihaan that Kabir is wearing Vansh’s turban than how he learned about it. Kabir thinks person is Vansh’s doppelganger because for Vansh no one is important than Anupriya. Later, Vansh asks Riddhima for the divorce. Riddhima understands Vihaan’s intensions and about to confront but Ishani interrupts them.

How Riddhima will deal with Vihaan, it will be interesting to watch.

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