Veer gets a solid proof against impostor Radhey: Krishna Chali London

High voltage drama ahead in Krishna Chali London with Veer finding clue against Radhey and Sunaina hearing Veer’s conversation.

So far in the episodes, Veer recorded Mohan’s video but he beat Veer and crushed his phone. Shukala gets to know about impostor Radhey’s truth but he hits him too and Shukala gets badly injured. Veer calls Krishna and tells her that he failed to get prof against Mohan. Krishna says let’s wait for another chance. There, everyone gets to know about Shukala’s accident and rushes to see him.

Shuklain pleads Veer to save Shukala. Veer assures them that he will try to save Shukala. Veer begins the surgery. Here Radhey calls Bilal, worries, Shukala didn’t die, and if his surgery will be successful then they will be caught. Bilala asks Mohan to run from there but he says Sunaina will kill him, as she gives them money.

Further in the story will see, Imposter Radhey will confront Veer with a murderous intent but Veer will ignore his threatening. Later, Veer will get a vital clue against imposter Radhey.  Veer will see CCTV footage and will get shocked learning lawyer saying Shukla’s brother gave his property worth 3 crores to his son Radhe. Radhey smiles seeing it. Meanwhile, Sunaina will overhear Veer’s conversation about imposter Radhey.

What Mohan will do next to save himself ? How Sunaina will help Mohan and what will be Veers’ reaction, when he will find his mother is behind all the mess? Well, for all the answers keep watching Krishna Chali London, mon-fri on Star Plus

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