Jhanvi to get blackmailed by Manohar in Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna

Star Plus evening show Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampann is enough very interesting stage right now. The show which is always been a suspense thriller saga about a girl’s tale of revenge is currently have taken a very interesting twist. Shrenu Parikh who is playing the role of gender Mittal urf Pooja Sharma in the show is not only sleeping the character but also showcasing various emotions at a moment through her acting caliber. As far as the story of the show is concern we had seen that Kabir is being confronted about the hidden truth of  Vyom Malhotra.

In the last couple of episodes of the show we have seen that Kabir was being disturbed about the fact that the reality of Vyom can hurt Kavya and Ayush emotionally and mentally. He decided to surrender himself in front of the army officials and leave the consequences on time and fortune.

Another hand Janvi is being constantly blackmailed by manohar who is is a crime partner of PK Mittal regarding her real identity. In tonight episode the audience of the show will see Jhanvi will get the shock of her life when she finds out that Manohar is aware not only about her real identity but her roots too. He will try to scare Janvi by telling her that if she don’t agree to to do as per his whims he will expose her in front of PK Mittal.

On the other side pk meets Raghav and he decided to make Kabir a scapegoat in the whole Vyom Malhotra fiasco. He expressed that he is planning to expel Kabir from home and his family by calling him a traitor of country so that he can gain brownie points from it for elections. In short the fans of the show are in for some exciting and nail biting drama.