Vidhya No 1: How Vidya is going to tackle Ranjith’ s plan?

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Zee Tamil much loved show Vidya No1 is gearing up for drama with Vidya being questioning about the allegations put on her by the judge.

Previously it was seen that Vidya defended Sanjay and warned Suryaprakash to not utter a word against her husband. She told that Sanjay accepted her as wife, but he couldn’t tell their marriage truth now as it would cost Sanjay and Vedavalli’s mother son relation.

Suryaprakash got overjoyed that finally Sanjay had accepted Vidya. However he was worried about Ranjith and the false case he filed on Vidya. The latter also got worried about the same. Sanjay reassured Vidya.

Later the judge questioned Vidya regarding the accusation that Ranjith put on her. Vidya denied the allegation. Ranjith’s lawyer kept accusing Vidya. The judge warned him stating that the allegation against Vidya wasn’t proved yet.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Ranjith’s lawyer will submit Vidya and Ranjith’s photo in wedding attire and their marriage certificate as proof to the judge.

The judge will question about the same to Vidya. The latter will claim that they’re fake proof; the thumb print on the wedding certificate wasn’t hers. So, the judge will order to verify if the thump print on the certificate is Vidya’s. The report will declare that the thumb on the certificate matches with Vidya’s thumb print shocking the latter.

Vidya will remember Ranjith taking her thumb print when they were engaged. Vidya will look on feeling helpless. Suryaprakash will try to tell the truth about Vidya and Sanjay’s marriage, but Vidya and Sanjay will stop him.

How Vidya is going to prove her innocence? Will Vidya can save herself from Ranjith’s trap without telling the truth about her marriage with Sanjay?

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