Vidhya No 1: Meghna to spot Vidya and Sanjay?

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Zee Tamil much loved show Vidya No1 is gearing up for drama with Preethi slapping Vidya.

Previously it was seen that Vidya was performing the ritual. She fell into a pit. Sanjay found Vidya and helped her to come out of it. Ranjith and his men blocked Vidya and Sanjay’s way. They attacked Vidya and Sanjay. The latter fought them.

Ranjith’s men overpowered Sanjay and tried to hit him. Mayan came there. He fought the goons and saved Sanjay and Vidya. Later Vidya completed the ritual successfully. Mayan felicitated Vidya and will honor Sanjay and Vidya.

Preethi was shocked to see Sanjay with Vidya. She understood that Sanjay lied to Vedavalli and came to the village to perform the ritual with Vidya. Sanjay and Vidya noticed Preethi and looked on shocked.

In today’s episode, it will be seen that Preethi slaps Vidya accusing her of trying to trap Sanjay for money. Sanjay denies it and says that it was a coincidence that Vidya and him met in the village. However Preethi isn’t convinced and warns Vidya to stay away from Sanjay.

Later Mayandi and the villagers stop Preethi and Sanjay’s car on their way. They condemn Preethi slapping Vidya and demand Preethi to apologize to Vidya. Preethi refuses. Sanjay convinces Preethi to apologize to Vidya. Preethi apologizes to Vidya.

Sanjay then convinces Preethi not tell what happened in the village to Vedavalli. The family gives grand welcome to Sanjay. Vedavalli announces that she got approval for Sanjay’s project using her influence as a compliment for Sanjay’s obedience towards her. Sanjay hides from Chandramohan,

Vijay and Manasa about meeting Vidya in the village. Later Sanjay picks up Vidya who reached Chennai. He sneaks with her inside the house from the back door. He hides seeing Meghna coming their way.

What will happen next? Will Sanjay and Vidya get caught?

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