Vidya 11th March 2020 Written Update:VIVEK’S SPECIAL GIFT FOR VIDYA

The episode starts with Vidya waiting outside airport scared when Vivek comes there. Vivek makes fun of her. Vidya too teases him and they both have some cute conversations with Vidya asking different questions about plane. Vivek teaches Vidya in car too with some romantic explanations. Mehak tries her hands on cooking. She finds robbers news on tv. Her cooking goes wrong and everything gets burnt. There’s no one at home and she couldn’t find any masala in the kitchen. She goes to get masala from Vidya’s shop and gets recipe from Parbatiya.

Vivek brings Vivek fo his friend’s house to change her clothes as she can’t give exam in that clothes. Munna pandey is there at the same place who wants to take revenge from Vidya. He spots Vidya with Vivek. He decides to teach a lesson to Vidya for ending his business. He follows them. Mehak finds the whole place empty including streets and houses. She even finds all the doors and windows closed. Vidya brings Vivek home and gives her clothes. He says that it’s a single room and Vidya goes to change. Vivek puts the curtain so that she could change. Vidya gets impressed. She changes the clothes while Vivek turns other side. She calls him and he turns to find Vidya in salwar.

Vivek gets mesmerise seeing her. She asks how she looks and he signals great. He removes her band and makes her hair fall lose. He makes her wear glasses to hide her identity. He ties a watch around her wrist. He asks her to click the button so that he gets signal that she’s in some danger. He says about Munni in the same school. Vidya panics but Vivek asks her to calm down. He asks her to give her best and asks her to go. Vidya is about to go but Vivek calls her and hugs her. He wishes her all the best and she leaves.

Mehak knocks the door while robbers are inside the house keeping everyone including Avtaar at gun point. The robbers threaten to not reveal their presence. Avtaar decides to make use of the situation. Avtaar convinces them to make him go meet Mehak and convince her to go. They asks him to not act over smart. He goes. Munna pandey waits for Vidya and she comes out. They follow her. Vidya decides to check for her hall ticket and spots Munna Pandey following her and gets shocked. She hides and decides to inform Vivek after exam. Munni’s mother spots her.

Precap : Vidya is about to go to her exam hall but Munna Pandey kidnaps her and is about to kill her.