Meri Gudiya 11th March 2020 Written Update: Avi’s behaviour made Madhuri doubtful

Episode begins with Avi scolds Madhuri for no reason and says I really don’t know why don’t you remember that yellow is not my favourite colour. You just spoilt my entire celebration of Holi and Madhuri gets upset with this. Raghav says to her that this is not a way to talk to your elder. He takes Avi inside and Madhuri gets disheartened with the words of Avi and she doesn’t understand what is wrong with her daughter all of a sudden.

Avi gets up some sleep in the caves of Rahul and she immediately asks for Madhuri and saves that I want to go back to my mother and I will not do anything on your command. Madhuri on the other side is trying to find out the reason behind this and she thinks that there must be something wrong in the whole and seeking the help of God to find her a way out from this mess.

Rahu who brings Avi to a place and says if you do a small work for me then I will leave you with your mother again but you have to make a bridge for me so that I can reach out to the door. Avi doesn’t agree with it at first but when Rahu spells his magic and shows her a tampered visual of Madhuri dancing with the fake Avi.

she says to Rahul that I will do anything you will ask for but first send back to my mother and she tries to help him to build the bridge. Madhuri noticed something really uncommon and unusual .

At night, in the room of Avi and she develops a strong doubt. In the morning, Madhuri noticed that Avi is having breakfast with Ratri and she is not bothered about her presence.

Shaurya thinks that Avi can get close to Ratri which is normal but Avi is not getting bothered about Madhuri is not normal at all.

Avi suddenly says to the family members that she wants to go for a family picnic with all as she is missing a family outing. Madhuri straight way says a no for it and Avi again misbehaves with her.

Precap – Madhuri is asking Avi about family members and she says they all are gone.