Vidya 12th December 2019 Written Update: Avtaar doubts Vivek and Vidya’s strange behavior

The episode starts with Sandeep revealed to be Nanku’s men. Nanku says that one side Avtaar will give money and another side Sandeep will get him Vidya. Two profits at one invest. Nanku reveals that all this is a plan of him to prove Sandeep mahan. Kalandi gets shocked. Jagat and Ranjhana smirks. Nanku blackmails Kalandi once again with her baby to keep her mouth shut.

Vivek says his mother that Sandeep is a good guy and will keep Vidya happy. She asks what about him. He says he doesn’t care. He’s happy if Vidya is happy. His mother says that she needs to go as she has some important work. Vivek offers to drop her but his mom says that she’s taking a constable with her and asks him to not worry. His mom says that nothing will happen to Vidya when he’s with her.

Parbatiya says Vidya that Sandeep will keep her happy. Vidya says she’s waiting for Dharma. Nanku says that he’s not bad but there’s someone who is more worse than him and calls him. The person is revealed to be Dharma shocking everyone. Dharma is Nanku’s man and with his plans. Kalandi gets shocked. Nanku gives 5 lakh in advance. Jagat asks what game is he playing. Nanku says its him who made Dharma fake his illness. He reveals that after marrying Sandeep will take Vidya to Mumbai away from Vivek. From there Vidya will come to him and he will do the rest to Vidya. Vidya will get the punishment for standing against Nanku.

The wedding preparations are taking place. Munni comes with her mother. Avtaar too comes there and he falls on Dharma feet. He praises him for his good job. Dharma smirks evilly and Bablu notices it. Munni asks Vidya if she didn’t get ready. Munni’s mother comes in hesitating. Vidya recalls her giving statement against Vivek. She apologizes Vidya and Vidya says she can understand. She says that she’s happy that she’s getting married. She gifts Vidya a saree. Avtaar comes in then.

Avtaar apologizes for not meeting her for so long. She says she knows he would have been busy with her Vidhayak work. Vidya starts to leave for work. Avtaar asks her to take leave as its her marriage. Vidya says that it’s him who forced her to go to school once. Avtaar says that it’s his weakness and Vidya days his weakness has now become her goal. He asks if she’s happy with the marriage. She just leaves saying Sandeep is good. Marriage preparations takes place and Vivek meets Vidya on way. They leave without a word. Avtaar notices the tension between them. Vidya is in school and Vivek’s words keeps ringing in her mind.

Precap : Munni gets shocked seeing the groom. She informs her mother about the groom being the one who’s Nanku men and attached Ammaji. Vivek calls Munni.