Vidya 17th April 2020 Written Update: Tiwari hides kids parents

Vidya 17th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with goons attacking Prem but Prem remains unmoved. Avtaar asks Vidya to be away from the ten lakh issue. He asks her not to mess with Nanku Singh. Prem fights the goons and tackles them well shocking Nanku. Prem mocks Nanku after defeating him. He gives him a number and asks him to contact anytime and leaves. Nanku gets irked. He gets doubtful about him and asks Jagat to keep an eye on him.

Nanku paces in his room furious. His wife asks him to not disturb a widow like Vidya whose husband died for saving the country. Nanku mocks her and says that he should divorce her and marry Vidya. He scolds her for teaching him. He gets a call from bank manager Charulatha and informs about the ten lakh.

Tiwari Ji meets the kid’s parents and asks them to take care of the basic needs of the kids like books and stationery. They say that it’s not possible for them to arrange all this. However, Tiwari ji convinces them saying that government arranges for food and education and asks them to handle the small things. They agree for the sake of Vidya as she said the importance of education for kids. Vidya hears it and feels bad as she’s well aware of the money the government has given for the children.

The parents leave with their children while Vidya stands tensed. One parent says Vidya while leaving that they can’t send her daughter to school as they can’t afford to buy the necessities. She gets reminded of her similar childhood situation. In the meantime, Maa Ji asks Nanku if he had any fight with his wife. He calls his wife and asks if they had a fight. She says no but Maa denies believing as her face says everything. She calls Ranjhana and she says the same too.

However, Nanku convinces that it’s because she wanted to leave for her maayka and that’s the reason she’s upset. She says that she doesn’t want to go but Nanku indirectly forces her to go. The servant praises Nanku’s nature unaware of his true intentions.

Santosh gives ten lakh to Tiwari ji and he keeps it in the locker. Vidya watches it hiding. Tiwari says that the next day there is a holiday. So they decide to inform Nanku and asks everyone to assemble the next day for the distribution of money. Nanku’s wife says him that she doesn’t want to go. Nanku says that she should have thought about it by before keeping a sad face. He says that all these respect and wealthy life of hers is only because she’s his wife. He says that she shouldn’t have made Maa and Ranjhana doubtful. He asks why’s she fearing and asks if she thinks that he’ll bring a sautan home. He says that Maa will not allow it at any cost. He asks her to ask forgiveness with folded hands and falling on his feet. She does so and he warns her and leaves.

Vidya enters the class and sits tensed. The children question her for not teaching anything till this moment. She takes the book after thinking a lot but the bell rings and all leaves. She thanks God for the same. Santosh locks the school gate unaware of Vidya inside it and leaves.

Precap: Vidya sees Ranjhana and Prem romancing and steals the key and takes money

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