Vidya 20th December 2019 Written Update: Vidya breaks her marriage with Sandeep

The episode starts with Vidya recalling all the past moments crying. Vivek says he can’t believe Dharma ji could do this and he supported it without his knowledge. He himself is disgusted at Dharma’s level of cheapness. He sees that their fight everything is planned by Nanku himself. He blames himself for it. Vidya is about to fall but Vivek holds her. Vivek asks her to control herself. She falls down devastated.

Anand ties Sandeep to chair on custody. He says that Vivek is playing a game to trap him and his boss. His girlfriend helped them with it. He gets shocked. Nanku asks is this a game of Vivek. Jagat says Vivek is no where Azamgarh to even do that. Nanku recalls Vivek faking as Prem Pratap. He slaps Jagat and says that Toofan is none other than Vivek. He asks Jagat to do as he says. Kalandi smiles. Nanku says a plan to Jagat.

Anand calls Vivek and informs about Sandeep and his girlfriend. Vivek says that he’s coming. Vidya apologizes Vivek crying. She says that all her life she blindly listened to her family and in laws taking it as her duty. For the first she got his friendship. But she didn’t value it and insulted him with her harsh words. She apologizes crying badly.

Vivek too cries seeing her. He asks him to not fold hands in front of him as he can understand. He says that here after her life should be taken care of her as he will not be with her. She recalls him saying that he will protect her from the whole world. He says that he did all this only to keep her away from problems in future and nothing else. He asks her to take care and leaves.

Vidya looks on. She recalls everyone playing with her life one way or another. Vidya wipes her tears determined.

Sandeep thinks that if Ashima gets to know that he’s in danger she will definitely reveal the truth. He escapes breaking the chair and keeping them on gun point. Anand calls Vivek and informs about Sandeep escape. Avtaar calls Sandeep but he doesn’t pick up.

Dharma cries faking and Vidya sees it. Vidya comes there and says that she won’t do the marriage shocking everyone.

Vidya asks everyone to leave as marriage won’t happen. She says Avtaar that she will say what she wants to say. People badmouth Vidya. Officers take Ashima in custody but Jagat attacks them. Everyone fights and Jagat takes Ashima away. Ashima gets shot during the fight.

Avtaar asks what happened. Vidya says that Sandeep is Nanku’s man and the kid is not his daughter. She asks Dharma to say to the truth as he knows it.

Precap : Vidya says that if she’s his daughter then he wouldn’t have sold her for 20 lakh. She says that from now she’ll live her life on her terms.