Vidya 26th March 2020 Written Update: Vivek and Vidya lands in a problem

Vidya 26th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidya and Vivek getting romantic hearing the music. Soon Vivek’s car breaks down and they both gets down from it. Vivek is checking the engine when Vidya asks him to take care. Someone is watching them hiding.

They comes close to the car and Vidya and Vivek senses someone’s eyes on them. They were about to check when two guys comes there searching for a little girl. Vidya and Vivek denies seeing anyone. They both leave when Vivek starts enquiring them. Vivek calls them careless. Vidya finds someone entering the car and they both goes to check on thar. They both opens the car door and gets shocked seeing something.

Avtaar comes home when he finds Mehak in traditional way. He admires her from afar recalling their moments. Mehak too seas him and blushes. She starts preparing his plate. Dharma and Bablu wait for their plan to work. Parbatiya calls Avtaar to take arti and he goes. He takes Arti and Parbatiya asks why Vivek and Vidya are still not at home. Avtaar says that they called him when they were leaving and would be coming.

Parbatiya says that she wishes for Vidya to pass her exam and Mamta too accepts her. Avtaar says that he doubts it as she’s very strange. She did so much things to separate Vivek and Vidya. He asks for food as if he’s hunger then he would get more angry. Mamta recalls all that she had did to separate Vivek and Vidya. She says that she can never accept Vidya at any cost. She worries what if Vivek finds that Vidya got late to science exam because of her.

Mehak brings Avtaar food and says that Mamta is good and she just cares and gets tensed for Vivek too much. She asks him not to worry as she’ll accept Vidya soon. She feeds him food with Bitter gourd to him and Avtaar gets shocked. He goes and spits it out. He lashes at Meher for always troubling him. He says that just like Mamta is at the back of his sister’s life she’s at the back of his life. He asks her that why’s she keep doing things to trouble him.

Mamta reveals that it’s Bablu and Dharma who said that he likes bitter gourd. Bablu and Dharma denies the accusations. On the other hand Vivek and Vidya finds a little girl who’s very scared and shouts. Vidya and Vivek calms down the girl and she relaxes a bit. They asks what happened.

Precap : The girl reveals that she saw people packing expired medicines. Vivek says that he’ll not leave them and calls police but goons keep Vidya at gun point.