Choti Sarrdaarni 26th March 2020 Written Update: Param’s Motor skills competition

Choti Sarrdaarni 26th March 2020 Written Update on

Chotti Sarrdaarni written update – Param’s Motor skills competition

Today’s episode begins with param running towards Sarab and says he is alright.Sarab tearfully holds Kulwant hands and thanks her.Colonel tells Kulwant her daughter is wonderful and is proud of her.He tells her that Meher’s father was a sepoy in his regiment and he was a brave man,similarly Meher is strong and he salutes her.Neerja leaves angrily.Next day,everyone wish Param good luck and seeing Neerja and colonel,Param goes to her and asks for blessings.Colonel teasingly says if he wins with her blessing,she will lose.Param says he needs blessing from his star mom too and talks to her photo.

Amrita beats Yuvi,Kulwant stops her.Amrita tells her that Yuvi wants to copy everything she does and he broke all the kids ankles seeing her cure Param’s sprain.Kulwant and Rana laughs.Kulwant tells Yuvi to bring her bag and she will give reward.Amrita is upset.Kulwant says her upset face reminds her about yesterday night.She asks Kulwant why was everyone sad yesterday when they went Sarab house.Amrita tells her that Neerja wants to take Param with her to London.Kulwant is astonished.Amrita says it all depends on today’s competition.If he wins he stays with Sarab and Meher.Kulwant says ofcourse he will win.She tells Rana they should all go there to cheer Param and boost his confidence.

At the competition venue,the host announces that there will be 3 rounds in total and the last round is a surprise.The first round begins in which the kids have to run and pick a book to write down their landline number then run towards the white board and make a painting of their house.They have only 3 mins for this round otherwise eliminated.Sarab’s entire family and Colonel cheers him.

First round begins and Param stops midway,Meher realize his shoe lace came off.She runs to the nearby kid next to her and demonstrates to Param how to tie lace.Param copies her and ties his lace.He runs and starts to write the phone number.He recollect the poem Meher taught him to remember the number and writes it.He then rushes to the board and start to paint.He gets nervous and stops.He again recollect Meher’s words and keeps his hands on his chest.Meher does the same.Param then finishes on time and moves to next round.It involves balancing on thin block and then pass through tunnel and finally hit the stacked stones with a ball.

Param struggles at first then recollects how Sarab practiced with him standing on his legs.He walks with more balance and reaches the last stacked stone.He hits the stones in his second and final try.Only he and a strong fat boy qualifies for final round which is tug of war.The family worries how he will manage to defeat the other kid.Episode ends.

Precap- The host says the surprise elements is that the family can participate with their kids.Param’s family joins him and starts pulling.

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