Vidya 8th January 2020 Written Update: Vivek supports Vidya!

Today’s episode starts with Chanda falls unconscious and Vidya and Vivek try to wake her up. Other students tell to Vidya their stomach is panning too. Vivek ask what happened. One by one each student falls down. Dharma gets happy seeing this and announces in the village that each child in the student have fallen ill. Villagers worries for their children and rushes to meet them.

There, Vivek sees media and wonders how media reached to the school so soon. He asks them to step back, as they have to take kids to the school. Vidya stands teary. Ahead, Vivek ask inspector to control media. Ambulance came and Vivek rushes the kids to the hospital. Vidya stands stunned.

Later, Vidya rushes Chanda to the ambulance. Chanda says to Vidya nothing will happen to her. There, media reports the school incident and doubts on Vidya for not checking food quality being principal. Vivek sees Vidya hearing media.

There, Nanku and his brother- in law gets happy thinking their plan is finally succeed. Meanwhile, lawyer comes and tells to Nanku his case he is shifting to the high court. Nanku tears the illegal paper. other side, Nanku’s reporter tries to trap Vidya and questions her.

Lady reporter questions Vidya and ak her to answer them if she saved money by serving cheap quality food to the students. Vivek gets irk and comes out from his car and ask the reporter to stay back. He supports Vidya and takes her with him to the car. Later, Vidya ask Vivek if he too thinks she is wrong. Vivek says if she can lie for money by becoming teacher by presenting fake degree than she can do anything. Vidya sits teary and shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vivek holds Vidya responsible for children’s condition.