Why Nazar actress Ritu Chaudhry Seth never cease to celebrate any festival?

Ritu Chaudhry Seth, who is currently seen as docile and caring Vedashree Rathod in Gul Khan’s Nazar never cease to celebrate any festival with her daughter Ivaana. The actress does this so that her daughter can learn about the culture and carry forward the tradition.

When contacted the actress said, “Irrespective of whether the festival is small or big, I make sure to celebrate everything with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. We live in a nuclear family and I feel that it is completely my responsibility to teach my daughter about our culture and the rich traditions. If I don’t do this then she will never learn and will never be able to imbibe it in her life when she grows up.”

Twice a year Ritu celebrates Astami, by inviting girls for Kanya Pujan. However, this time she was planning to cancel it since she was shooting round the clock. Luckily she got a day off. “I love the whole process of preparing the prasad delicacies of poori, chana, and halwa, dressing up with my daughter, doing the Aarti and then washing her feet and taking her blessings. Whether I am shooting or not this is something I do diligently twice a year,” said the actress.

She further added, “It was looking difficult this time, but thankfully my producers were kind enough to give me the day off to enjoy with Ivaana.”