Woh Toh Hai Albela 10th May 2022 Written Update: Kanha takes care of Sayuri

Woh Toh Hai Albela 10th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

At the beginning of the episode, Dhanraj asks Saroj to take medicine as it can be fatal if illness and grief come together. Saroj says that she doesn’t even want to live anymore. Kanha is searching for Sayuri. He wonders where Sayuri can go. Then he notices Sayuri. He tells Indu that he has found Sayuri. Indu tells this to everyone. Bhanu says that there has been a big change in Kanha and now he will take care of everything.

Kanha comes to Sayuri and says that he should go home with him. Sayuri tells Kanha why did he take Chiru out. She adds that he knew that after Haldi they can not go out of the house then why did he take Chiru. She says that he did this intentionally. Kanha is shocked to hear this. Here Dhanraj tells Saroj that Kanha will take over all the work of Chiru and everything will be fine.

Saroj says that Kanha cannot replace Chiru. Tej asks Dhanraj whether Kanha has understood all the work. Dhanraj refuses. He says but Amit will teach him everything. Saroj says that all this has happened because of Kanha. Here Sayuri tells Kanha that she must have insisted on Chiru to go out with her and Chiru must have gone out in love with her.

She asks him if he felt pain while doing this. She says that her family is sad because of her. She says that she does not want to live but she has responsibilities which she cannot leave behind. Dhanraj explains to Saroj that he should not speak such things about Kanha. Saroj says that all this happened because of Kanha and Sayuri and she will never forgive them.

Here Sayuri faints. Kanha remembers that he had promised Chiru that he would take care of Sayuri. He stops Sayuri and takes her to the hospital. Dr tells Kanha that Sayuri’s condition is critical and all this happened to her because she had a panic attack which could prove to be dangerous for Sayuri so he should take care of her. Sayuri regains consciousness. She is leaving the hospital.

She is about to fall but Kanha catches her. Sayuri tries to get away from him. But Kanha does not leave her. Nakul comes there. He asks Kanha what happened to Sayuri. Kanha says that they should go home now. Nakul is driving the car. Some people see Kanha and Sayuri together and take their photos. One of them says that he will give today’s breaking news to the world.

Kanha comes home with Sayuri. He tells everyone that Sayuri is fine but has a slight weakness. Bhanu and Indu ask Kanha but what happened to her. Kanha tells them that all this happened because of worry. Bhanu and Indu tell him that they try their best to take care of Sayuri but she starts crying remembering Chiru. Next everyone sees a video in which Sayuri and Kanha are together. Rashmi and Nakul are shocked to see this.

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