Woh Toh Hai Albela 17th November 2022 Written Update: Saroj overhears Kanha and Nakul’s conversation.

Woh Toh Hai Albela 17th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Thee episode starts with Sayuri asking Kanha whether he scolded the baby. Kanha says that why wouod he do that and gives her medicine first. Sayuri at first refuses but later haves it. He puts her to sleep and sings lullaby for her. SAroj walks in kitchen andrecalls making dishes for Sayuri and bay and cries. She askshw He cries in a corner wen Nakul joins him. He consoles him and asks him to not lose hope. He assures that he would er another baby just like Dhanraj suggested. Kanha says it’s aloso not possible as Doctor told that Sayuri can’t conceive again. Saroj gets heartbroken hearing ti while Nakul suggests an alternantive to him. Saroj questions God that why he’s being unfair with her family and showering them with sorrows and breaks down.

Nakul recalls all that Kanha said and feels bad. Rashmi calls him and asks him if everything is fine. Nakul says that how can anything be fine as Brother and sister in alw are in deep pain and he’s in big guilt over the same. He says that he have no way to help them and gets hyper. He asks her to do something sohe can find a way to help Kanha and Sayuri. Rashmi says that she can understand his condition but asks him to not feel guilt or depressed as he is not at fault.

Nakul refuses to listen as from childhood he only cared about Brother’s happiness and now coidn’t do anything about it. Kanha gets arrested by police and Kanha tries reasoning with him. They don’t listen to him and drags him away. Kanha pleads with them while Sayuri also runs after him shouting his name. Kanha wakes up startled and feels relieved that it’s all a dream. He wonders what if it turns out to be real.

Dhanraj comes to Saroj and tries consoling her. He says that they need to pick themselves for Sayuri and their children. Saroj is very much broken and asks him for some time. Dhanraj says that he’s going to meet lawyer with Yash and asks her not to get disheartened over the bygones, he asks her to find a way to support thte kids an dleaves. Saroj asks what could she do when God has snatched everything from the children and has given immense pain to them. She worries how they would handle it. Kanha sees Sayuri coming out of the washroom and gets relived seeing her acting normal

Precap : Sayuri will complain that from the time baby entered there is nothing for it. Kanha will bring all the necessary stuffs for it when Sauyri will find the teddy on the table.

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