Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Vennila laments that Muthu Mama

  Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a drama series that spins around Muthurasan, a widower, Chitra, his deceased wife and Vennila, a village girl. Nilambari, Muthurasan’s stepmother wanted him to remarry a girl of her choice in order to acquire his property.

But Muthurasan marries Vennila, who loves him from the bottom of her heart. Nilambari tries her best to harm Vennila, but Chitra spirit protects Vennila every time…Muthurasan is unaware of Nilambari evil plans..

This week goes like Muthurasan and Vennila meet with an accident. Nilambari intervens and stops Rudra and take her. Karthi is shocked as the doctor informs him about Vennila and Muthurasan’s accident.Karthi lashes out at Nilambari. 

Karthi rebukes Swetha. Doctor informs that Vennila and Muthurasan are critical. Nilambari slap Karthi when he asks Swetha to leave…. Nilambari pacifies Muthurasan. The family is speechless as Muthurasan enquires about Vennila. Nilambari defends Swetha..

From Karthi. The family members tries to stop Muthurasan as he gets violent due to Vennila’s absence. Swetha and Nilambari get electrocuted when they try to remove the ‘thali’ from Vennila’s neck. Swetha imitates vennila and speaks to Muthurasan. Nilambari praises Swetha for her intelligence. Karthi who disapproves of this, discloses the truth to Muthurasan. Swetha pretends to be nice to Rudra. Karthi hide the truth from Muthurasan. Muthurasan touched Vennila toes and “metti”. Muthurasan and Vennila discharge from the hospital…Muthurasan said Nilamabri to search a groom for Swetha? Rudra ask Vennila to promise…Karthi laments about Vennila’s condition. Tears from the Vennila eyes..

Poongothai and Nilambari threaten Azhagappan not to reveal the truth to Muthurasan. Swetha plan to control Muthurasan. The family is happy about  Vennila’s improvement.

In the next upcoming episode…  Will Vennila memory return? Does Muthu hear the lamentations of Vennila?  When will the truth be known? When will Muthurasan get sight? Will Karthi tell the truth? Who will save Vennila? How will Muthurasan realize the truth? Upcoming episode will answer it…

To know about further just stay with us…and find out what happens next….