Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2021 Written Update: Mahima decides to kill Gautam

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mahima tells Yuvraj to complete the work then only he will get his 10 lakhs. He says he knows that, that’s why he is here. She says he is in ICU and follows him thinking she can’t trust him.

He was about to backout seeing Police outside ICU but he thought he can’t lose 10 lakhs. He tries to enter the ICU but Police stops him and asks him to show identity card. He cries saying he forgot his wallet in car and pleads them to let him meet his brother Madhavan. Police says it’s ICU and Madhavan is not here. Yuvraj thanks them for telling and returns then collides with Mahima. He says he will kill Gautam later when he got chance because Police standing there to guard the ICU.

Mahima says he can’t do anything as expected and tells him to go to Preesha saying she will kill Gautam and she knows how to do it. Sharda asks Saaransh to eat but he refuses it saying he won’t eat anything until he talk to Preesha. Sharda calls Preesha and enquiries about her health. Preesha says she is fine so Sharda need not to worry about her.

Sharda says Saaransh is not eating anything worrying about her and gives the mobile to him. Saaransh says he miss her a lot. Preesha tells him to take care of him and asks did Mahima said anything to him. He recalls how she beated him and was about to say that but stops seeing Mahima in front of him and diverts the topic saying Mahima taking care of him well and he doesn’t even miss her when Mahima is with him.

Mahima sends Sharda from there saying she will feed Saaransh then she warns him to not say anything to Preesha otherwise he will lose his parents permanently and tells him to go to sleep after eating the food. She thinks she has to go to hospital too and reaches there. She bribes hospital staff and wears hostipal uniform and thinks now no one can identify her.

Gautam regains his consciousness and tells Nurse that he wants to meet Preesha and tries to get up. Nurse tells him to rest and says she will bring Preesha because she is also admitted in this hospital. Mahima enters ICU. Nurse informs Preesha about Gautam and takes to ICU.

Mahima tries to kill Gautam and he removes her mask and says he knows that she is behind his accident. She says he can’t escape from her and says he did mistake by returning and tells him to die after injecting him something. Preesha tells Police that Gautam wants to meet her so allow her to meet him. They gives permission and that time Mahima comes out and falls on Preesha’s wheelchair. Preesha tries to save Gautam saying she can’t let him die. She gets relieved saving him. Mahima returns to Khurana mansion and acts like sleeping. Rudraksh informs Preesha that Mahima is here only. Preesha says she is sure that it’s Mahima who attacked Gautam.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima tries to kill Gautam again and Preesha records that.

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