Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th November 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh hesitates to marry Pihu

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pihu informs Digvijay that she is on the way to the court. Digvijay tells her that if Preesha reached court then she will stop the marriage for sure. She tells him that Preesha won’t reach the court on time. She recalls that how she punctured the car tyres. On the other hand, Preesha’s car tyres gets punctured in the middle of the road. She decides to take lift because she won’t get taxi easily. Then she starts walking saying that she will get taxi on the way. Saaransh comes there in taxi and he tells her that he thought she need him. He recalls that how Ruhi told him that Preesha did nothing to stop the marriage so she fought with her. Saaransh tells Ruhi that Preesha left for court to stop the marriage. Preesha and Saaransh leaves for court.

In the court, Rudraksh gives his and Pihu’s name to court staff. Pihu gets shocked seeing Preesha there. She thinks that she has to stop Preesha. She tells Sharda that she is going to washroom and leaves from there. She asks Preesha that why the latter came there. Preesha tells her that she just want to talk to Rudraksh before marriage. Pihu asks her to leave from there. Preesha tells her that Rudraksh love her still and she saw it in his eyes. Pihu asks her that if the latter is mad. She tells her that she lost Vidyut due to her but she won’t let her snatch Rudraksh from her. She faints.

Preesha checks her pulse and understands that Pihu is pregnant. She sprinkles water on her face. Pihu regains her consciousness. Preesha asks her that if the latter is pregnant. Pihu lies to her that she is pregnant with Rudraksh’s child. She says that this is why she was sure that Rudraksh want to spend a life with her. Preesha tells her that if they love each other than she won’t come in between them. Pihu thinks that she know her plan will work and leaves from there.

Saaransh asks Preesha that why she did not went to court room. Preesha tells him that Rudraksh and Pihu should get married. She takes him from there. In the court room, Rudraksh and Pihu exchanges marriage garlands. Sharda and Digvijay claps. Pihu signs on the documents. Rudraksh recalls that how he married Preesha. He also recalls the moments he shared with Preesha. He hesitates to sign. Pihu asks him that if everything is fine. He nods at her.

In the Khurana house, Saaransh asks Preesha that why she did not stop the marriage. Preesha tells him that she can’t do anything. He asks her to tell the truth. She tells him that no use in talking about it now. Ruhi scolds Preesha. She says that she don’t have mother and father now. Rudraksh tells her that her father is with her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh tells Ruhi that Pihu is her new mother. Saaransh says that he always supported Preesha but this time he is not understanding that what happened to her. Ruhi sees Armaan tying shoe laces and she tells about it to Preesha. She says Armaan is acting like a kid.

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