Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th January 2020 Written Update: The marriage preparations of Preesha and Yuvraj started in full swing


Episode begins with Preesha is packing her stuff with her family members and she noticed her mom is upset and shows the same to GPS. GPS and Preesha starts to mock the stuff her mother kept playfully so that she gets triggered. Vasudha got angry with GPS describing the entire stuff in a funny way and says these are silver utensils I kept for the occasion of Shagun and you people are making fun of it. She turns to Preesha and says you don’t need to take away anything with you.

Rudraksh comes to Rajeev and gives him a watch and Rajeev gets happy to get it. He gets happy with it and Rudraksh says tomorrow is the birthday of someone. Rajeev remembers that it is his birthday and says nobody remembers it in this house but you never forget.

Rudraksh asks about the good news but Rajeev says I will tell you after the concert. Vasudha, GPS and Preesha share an emotional moment and both the mother and daughter get emotional and GPS tries to console Vasudha. Yuvraj is getting happy with that he is getting married to Preesha and he will get so much money . Rajeev is preparing for adopting Saransh and Yuvraj calls Rajeev to gain 10 crore money from him and he starts to behave as if he is still scared and is planning to expose Yuvraj red handed today.

Rudraksh is getting ready in the make up room for the concert. Kalra comes and says to Balraj the crowd outside is overflowing and Rudraksh is so popular that we can arrange his concert anytime. Mrs. Khurana comes there with a cake so that they can celebrate the birthday of Rajeev when the clock strikes 12. Rudraksh is waiting for his brother Rajeev to come to his concert. He somehow throws out Mishka out of his vanity room. GPS and Vasudha come to give Yuvraj the golden chain they brought for him. He gets happy and gave them Shagun for Preesha.

Preesha gets happy to see all this and wonders why Yuvraaj is spending so much for her in the marriage. Her family members are saying it is because he loves you a lot. Saransh says to Preesha he lost his medal of best dad and Preesha says we will get another one real soon. Preesha gets emotional with Saransh and all set to get ready for her marriage and gets up for getting ready.

Precap – Preesha gets to see the CCTV footage where Yuvraaj is blackmailing someone. Rajeev and Yuvraaj fight with each other. Rudraksh is all set to start his concert.

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