Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th September 2021 Written Update: Ahana confesses her wrongdoings

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Preesha asks Sania that how the latter found Ahana when Ahana was hiding from everyone. Sania recalls that how she went to hotel then learnt that Ahana and Mishka checkout the room already. She realises that they would have left for airport and she reaches there with her goons. Her goons abducts Ahana and Mishka in gun point. Ahana and Mishka gets shocks learning that Sania is behind their abduction. Sania tells everything to Rudraksh saying that she kept her promise. Preesha asks her does she already knows that Krishna is Saaransh. Sania nods at her.

Rudraksh tells her that, so the latter was blackmailing Ahana with this secret. She agrees with him and tells him that Ahana met her 2 months back for Saaransh’s surgery. She recalls that how her friend introduced Ahana to her because her boyfriend is a plastic surgeon. Ahana asks her to talk to her boyfriend about Saaransh’s plastic surgery. She tells everything to Rudraksh. She says to him Ahana offered such a huge amount so she told her boyfriend to do Saaransh’s surgery.

Ahana scolds her for betraying her. Sania tells her that she did everything for money and she is not related to Saaransh and Rudraksh but the latter betrayed her family so the latter don’t have any rights to blame her. She tells Rudraksh that he can punish Ahana now.

Preesha moves towards Mishka and slaps her. She asks her that how the latter took Saaransh with her when she saw the blast. Mishka tells her that Ahana helped her because it’s their plan. She recalls that how she arranged dead body like hers and Saaransh’s and also London tickets for her and Saaransh with goon’s help without Kabir’s knowledge. Goon arranges bomb and executes the plan by putting the dead bodies in the car. She asks goon to park his car without anyone’s knowledge and after the blast she will come there and he should drop her and Saaransh to an airport. She tells everything to Preesha.

She says to them that she and Ahana thought they can open Saaransh’s trust fund in London but they could not. Ahana tells them that she tried a lot to open Saaransh’s trust fund but she could not that’s why she returned to India with Mishka and Saaransh. Armaan records her confession. Ahana reveals that she can’t take any risk that’s why she changed Saaransh’s face and voice. Rudraksh asks her about the videos she sent him. She tells him that she recorded them before Saaransh’s surgery.

He asks her that why Saaransh don’t remember them. She informs him that she gave strong medicines to Saaransh to erase his memory. Preesha slaps Ahana continuesly for torturing Saaransh. Ahana tells her that she don’t have any relationship with Saaransh and reminds her about Rajeev’s betrayal. She tells her that she make mistake by not killing Saaransh. Preesha attacks her again. Armaan stops her and shows the recording to her saying that it’s enough to prove Ahana and Mishka’s wrongdoings. Police comes there and arrests Ahana and Mishka.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh and Preesha decides to make Saaransh remember the past.

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