Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st December 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj escapes from Khurana house

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha tells Mahima to not do like this again and hugs her. Yuvraj from upstairs sees everyone and says why everyone standing there together and prays to God saying he should not be caught because till now he is the one who was saving him from them. Saaransh sees Yuvraj and asks what is he doing here. Yuvraj thinks now he is dead for sure and tells him to not talk loudly because he is standing beside him only and he can hear him very well, his ears working properly. He says he is there to meet Preesha, Mahima.

Saaransh asks then why he is hiding from everyone and says he will inform about him to Rudraksh then he also can help them to find Preesha, Mahima. Yuvraj says no need to inform to Rudraksh and says he will give chocolate to him and realises that he doesn’t have any chocolate with him.

Saaransh was about to go from there to inform Rudraksh but Yuvraj stops him saying he is the one who helped him that day so it should be secret between them and tells him to not tell about him to Rudraksh. Saaransh says he can’t hide anything from his parents and calls Rudraksh and says see who is here. Yuvraj thinks today his death will happen for sure, he killed Rajeev and his son going to kill him now.

Everyone comes upstairs thinking he found Preesha. Rudraksh gets angry seeing Yuvraj there and asks how he came here and moves towards him. Yuvraj tells him to not get close to him. Gopal says he already told him to go from there then what is he doing there. Yuvraj says he came to drink water. Rudraksh says he is lying and holds his collar. Yuvraj moves away from Rudraksh and says he is not important now instead they has to find Preesha, Mahima now. He asks Rudraksh that did he checked the terrace.

Rudraksh says he didn’t. Yuvraj says he is the who dropped Gopal, Vasusha there and he was worried for Preesha, Mahima that’s why he entered the house saying he didn’t had any other intention. He tells him to go and search them in terrace instead of staring him angrily. Rudraksh says he won’t leave him later and tells Ahana stay with him and keep noticing his actions. Ahana curses Yuvraj in her mind. Others goes to the terrace.

Rudraksh asks what they doing doing in the terrace. Preesha lies to him saying they were not getting sleep so came here to spend time together. He was keep questioning her and asks from where she become this careless saying she should have dropped any message for him. Mahima was about to say something but Preesha stops her.

Ahana asks Yuvraj to tell the truth to her and stop his lower middle class drama. She says he is just useless and because of him now even she doesn’t know what’s happening in the terrace. Yuvraj runs from there thinking he has to leave from there before Rudraksh comes. Saaransh asks Gopal about Preesha. Gopal says she is with Rudraksh, they will come after finishing their talks. Preesha apologize to him. He says he was really worried for her. She hugs him to console him. He gets to know that she is lying to him and asks her to tell the truth to him. She says everything which happened there few minutes back.

Ahana mocks Preesha, Mahima for their irresponsible behaviour. Vasusha argues with Ahana saying she always blames her family. Gopal apologize to Khurana’s for the inconvenience they faced because of his daughters. Rudraksh scolds Preesha for risking her life and says this is what Mahima’s health condition and she may hurt Saaransh also because of that. Preesha says if Mahima won’t get Saaransh then it will worsen her condition. He makes her realise what she stupidity she did by risking her life.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saaransh says Mahima that she is his duplicate mother.

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