Shaadi Mubarak 1st December 2020 Written Update: KT admits that he married Preeti to take revenge from Nandini

Shaadi Mubarak 1st December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Preeti greeting a call from Nandini who informed about KT creating scene in front of her door and ask preeti to take him away as he is her headache now, whole Preeti rushes out. On the other side KT keeps banging Nandini’s door telling him that how is she feeling?

He reminds her that he have done exactly same thing which she have done with him, he holds the door to take support and then says that she have stooped so low to marry him but still couldn’t while Nandini keeps listening to him with bored expression. He laughs and tell her that what she thought while making a plan to marry him? As he is not the same KT who he used to be 17yeras before, he declares that he have changed a lot! He kicks her door while waiters sees him, he ask them to do their work.

At that moment Preeti comes there and tries to stop KT he smiles seeing her and again bangs the door asking Nandini to see his wife Preeti, Nandini’s expression changes, he asked her that how she felt when he insulted her in front of everyone? He painfully questions that if she felt the pain? Preeti looks at him, he starts banging the door hard while waiters tries to stop him but he pushed them saying he knows the one inside this room, preeti looks embarrassed.

KT declares that he have taken his revenge making Nandini shock, and then falls down on chair! Manager ask preeti to take him away as he have already done a lot of drama and if he won’t stop then they will have to call the police, to which preeto request not to inform the police as she will take him away. She tries to hold a drunken KT at that time Nandini comes there.

In the morning KT woke up on his bed with severe headache due to hangover and remembers the flashes of yesterday incident, he immediately calls Nandini while she taunts him that neither he can stay with her nor can be away from her and tells him about what he does yesterday night, while he ask about what she told to preeti?

To which Nandini smirks asking does preeti left him? And told him that she stated to preeti that keertan have married her just to take revenge. KT cuts the calls and says that preeti knows about his truth that he married her just to fullfill his revenge and further determines that he can’t tell more lies to her, he remembers the flashback when his lie have created a massive fight between them and goes down hurriedly.

He searched for her everywhere but doesn’t find her, he thinks that she left him! But at that time Preeti comes inside along with her luggage, Shivraj ask where she went? To which she says that she have gone to take her luggage from Kusum’s house, while Preeti and KT looks at eachother and KT thinks why is she still here after knowing the truth? He was about to follow her upstairs when Neel and sushant stops him saying that he can meet her after Mihdekhai rasam.

Preeti remembers flashback where she told kusum about KT’s intention behind marriage while kusum questions her that if she knew it already then why she married him? To which Preeti says that she wanted to support KT and will always do so, while kusum says that why KT only married her instead of anyone? Making preeti think, kusum further says that they both can have a right future and ask her to work on her relationship with KT as life without love and partner is very difficult, kusum gets sad while Preeti back hugs her, kusum smiles and praises KT asking Preeti to utilise this oppertunity, she then gifted an outfit to preeti for her Muhdekhai.

Preeti gets ready in the lehenga which kusum gifted her while KT enters inside his room and both looks at eachother (Adha ishq plays) she puts vermilion and he just keep staring her, their moment get disturbed by Neel who compliments Preeti and teases KT, he further ask KT to get ready and goes down with Preeti.

Shivraj ask Neelima to respect KT’s decision and accept his marriage while she looks at him. On the other sushant handover a gift to sneha to give it to Preeti during the ritual.

Neel welcomes Preeti and address her as Mrs. Keertan Tibrewal and she sits on sofa, shivraj ask Neelima to start the Muhdekhai ritual, she goes and open preeti’s veil and then feeds her sweet while she takes blessing from Neelima, Neelima gives her an envelop and ask to open it and see if she liked her gift? Preeti opens it and found a letter in which it’s written that her marriage won’t last long, Preeti looks at Neelima while she gives a blank expression.

PRECAP:- Nandini taunts Preeti saying KT gifted her the same necklace which he gifted her during their Muhdekhai and says that preeti is having all her used things like her husband. KT ask Preeti to remove the necklace while she denies saying she don’t have any problem even if it’s a used one but KT snatches it from her neck furiously causing her scratches saying that it will keep reminding him of Nandini while Preeti looks at him shocked.

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