Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th January 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj kills Rajiv in a brutal way

Episode begins with Preesha is waiting for Yuvraj in the wedding stage when GPS informed Vasudha that Yuvraj is nowhere to be seen. The guests are present at the marriage venue starts to mock Preesha II and says that he has eloped from this marriage because he doesn’t want to take the headache on his head. Preesha goes to them and teach them a lesson for bad mouthing about her and her fiance in front of all and says if you can’t be sympathetic in someone’s bad time then don’t make fun of it as well.

Preesha comes to the staff of the hotel and ask for the assistant to find out about her fiance and after some heated argument between her and the manager they handover the CCTV footage of their hotel to her for emergency purpose. Preesha finds out from the footage that Yuvraj is talking to someone over the phone about something and he is addressing him as the father of Saransh. she things may be the real father of Saransh is somehow bordering Yuvraj and he is in best but didn’t inform her she decides to visit the place of Golden Tekrey.

Rudraksha is performing live in his concert when someone from the crowd is trying to come near him and saying that today is my brother’s birthday. Rudraksh let him come and he says my brother is your big fan and I want to fulfill his wish on his birthday can you please dedicate a song for him?

Rudraksh calls for his brother from the crowd and says that what’s on you like to have and he says “Sun Raha Hai Na Tu”.

Rudraksha gets happy and says this song is also one of the favourite of my elder brother as well and even his name is Rajiv and he starts to sing the song by on the other side Yuvraj is changing Rajiv and he is running on the roads to save himself and is trying to find a way to run away from the place. Rudraksh is singing the song while Rajiv is running on the road and after a point Yuvraj hits Rajiv with his car and he calls for Rudraksh name and suddenly Rudraksha felt like his brother is in a problem, so he stopped singing. Balraj and family gets suspicious that what happened all of a sudden and they are trying to come down Rudraksh but he is not ready to listen and says that I can feel my brother is in some problem and I just want to talk to him.

Balraj understand that without getting a concrete news about Rajeev Rudraksh will not go back on the stage to sing and perform hence he pulls up a made up story with Bunty so that Rudraksh can complete his concert with a clear mind.

Rajiv request Yuvraj not to kill him and he will take no action against him. He pleads to him that after long I got an opportunity to stay with my own son and I don’t want to know that please let me go. Yuvraj doesn’t listen to him and runs the car on his leg twice to make sure he dies.

Balraj sambhav convince Rudraksh that is safe should go back and complete his concert but somehow Rudraksh is getting a bad feeling.

Precap : Yuvraj noticed Rajiv is not died it and he hits his car with his when Preesha reached there.