Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th November 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh’s romantic move backfires

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saaransh yells at Mahima for sleeping beside him. She tries to convince him saying she doesn’t know how she came here. He runs from there and jumps on his bed. Rudraksh, Preesha wakes up. Saaransh shouts at them saying they deceived him and let him sleep alone with his duplicate mother.

Rudraksh tries to explain but Saaransh doesn’t let him say anything and asks what happened to his promise and why he said all three will stay together always when he can’t keep that. He says they should be together always because they are family. Rudraksh tells him to calm down saying he reacts just like him in anger and suggests him to behave like Preesha who is super cool even if she is angry on someone.

Preesha takes Saaransh in her lab and says he is like her only. Saaransh nods at her. Rudraksh says now he is the one who changed his team and starts to tickle him. Preesha laughs seeing them ( Title song plays in the background). Mahima who followed Saaransh overheard their conversation. Preesha notices her sister and moves towards her and drags her inside the room telling her to come.

Mahima refuses to enter the room saying they are family and she doesn’t want to come between them and says she hurt Saaransh so much and apologize to her saying even she doesn’t know how reached that room. She apologize to Rudraksh also for making things odd for him and says she really doesn’t remember anything.

Preesha says it’s not her mistake, she would have missed Saaransh that’s why would have went to that room. Rudraksh agrees with Preesha and tells Mahima to not think much about this small matter. Mahima leaves from there. Preesha says she is really worried about Mahima. Rudraksh says they will take her to Doctor soon.

Gopal says he doesn’t like the fact of Mahima staying in Khurana house when Balraj, Ahana troubles Preesha for every small thing so don’t know how they are reacting in Mahima’s matter. Vasudha says Preesha will handle it so his worry is baseless. He says he is worried for Preesha not Mahima.

She asks what is he saying, they got Mahima back after seven years and she faced lot in her life. He says Preesha too faced lot in her life and recently only she is happy because of Rudraksh. Their argument continues, he says she become blind in Mahima’s love. She says then she can also say he become blind in Preesha’s love.

Preesha tells Mahima to help Saaransh saying she has to help Rudraksh. Mahima gets happy and goes to Saaransh. Preesha sees them together. Rudraksh asks still she is worried about Mahima. She nods at him and tells him that his online class going to start. Then she tells Mahima to get ready saying they has to leave for hospital.

Mahima could not able to open her suitcase so Preesha gives her dress to her saying she is her sister so it’s obvious she can do this much for her. They reaches the hospital. Mahima enters the Doctor’s cabin. Preesha scolds Yuvraj seeing him there. He says he came here for interview and not following her. Doctor gives medicine to Preesha and talks to her about Mahima’s depression saying it’s dangerous so she should not skip her medicines.

Later Preesha makes sure that Saaransh gets closer to Mahima. Rudraksh completes his home work and back hugs Mahima assuming her as Preesha. She pushes him aside. He apologize to her for his misunderstanding. Ahana mocks Gopal who came to meet Mahima. Gopal tells Mahima that he is here to take her with him but Preesha stops him saying she likes to stay here so let her stay here. At midnight Mahima wakes up. Preesha searches Mahima in her room.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha searches Mahima everywhere.

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