Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th February 2020 Written Update: Rudraksha got to know about Saransh being the son of Rajiv

Episode begins with Rudraksh receives a letter from the household. He goes through the details of it and as soon as he completes it he is in for a great shock. Pressure is thinking why he is looking at me like that? She thinks maybe he got to know the reality of the accident. Rudraksh says to hope that this is a reality you are trying to hide from me?

He says to pressure, so Saransh is the son of my elder brother Rajeev and you are taking advantage of this fact and blackmailed him all this while. Preesha doesn’t understand what Rudra is trying to say and she looked clueless. Rudraksh says to her my brother Rajiv has made life insurance for Saransh and also wrote a letter for him. Till the time Saransh becomes 21, he will get 50 lakh rupees per month for maintenance.

After that he will have his own share of property. Rudraksh says my brother loves me so much and you killed him for some money? If you could have told me also, I will give you money then why did you kill my brother? pressure doesn’t understand what is going on as she had a different image in her mind regarding Rajiv.

Rudraksha shows Preesha the toys Rajiv bought for Saransh and wants to give him that day. The police officials comes to the room of Rudraksh and conveyed to him that it has been quite late and now I have to take her back to the jail. Rudraksha called one of his assistant and instructor him to communicate any kind of matter related to Saransh with him only. Rudraksh decides not to tell anything about Saransh to his family or else they will be in another mess.

Ahana is preparing for school when Mishka comes to meet her. She says to her younger sister that now she has a responsibility to fulfill in the house. Ahana says I have already discussed about the marriage ceremony of you and Rudraksh with my father in law. He is also ready for the lines and maybe the date will be around in this month. Ahana asks Mishka to be the emotional and physical support for Rudraksha in this tough time then he will definitely and eventually fall in love with her.

Rudraksh is remembering his brother Rajiv when Mishka entered the room of her and tries to get cosy with him. Rudraksh feels a bit embarrassments, he wants to avoid her but she is just not ready to let him go. Hence he sneezes near her shoulder and also rubs his nose on her dress.

Mishka gets irritated with his behaviour and she calls up her big sister to complain about it. Ahana listens to her and says this is very common when a person feels emotionally broken and disturbed. You have to give him time to recover from the shock and Mishka somehow agrees. Ahana Thinks in the car that she must have called a meeting of Rudraksh and her in this office restaurant.

Preesha is in the cell and she is in deep thinking about the events that took place in the morning. She thinks I have two versions of Rajiv Khurana, one is said by Yuvraj and another one is said by Rudraksh. She thinks whom should I believe in this circumstances? Someone from the two must be lying to me.

Precap – pressure confronts Yuvraj regarding the matter of Rajiv