Yeh Hai Mohabatein- Ishita to witness fierce argument between Ruhi and Aliya!

Ruhi and Aliya in Star Plus’s family drama Yeh Hai Mohabatein are trying to keep up the differences between Karan and Yug in check. Sometimes they themselves fall into huge arguments while they try to do that. The fact is there might be chances of the family falling apart due to the small differences getting into big arguments.

Karan, who has been a well-wisher and the helper for the family during toughest times, now is engaging himself into the business and in the dream project of Raman. Yug is now the project head of the project appointed by Ishita despite Karan’s dissatisfaction. Karan and Yug are having differences regarding the operation of the business and the problems are getting bigger instead of being resolved. This scenario is exactly what Arijit wants in order to ruin their business as well as to give troubles to the family.

Therefore, Arijit will try to fuel the fire by his cunning plans and conspiracies like he has been doing for quite a long time now. In the upcoming episode though, as per the spoilers, Aliya and Ruhi will together plan to resolve the differences between Yug and Karan. Ruhi will ask Aliya to go home and do as they have planned. Aliya goes home to do the same.

But in the middle of it, Arijit will know their trick and he will think they will ruin his plan by doing what they are going to do. So, he will try another trick not to let them get successful in resolving the differences between Yug and Karan. Later, Aliya and Ruhi themselves will be seen getting into a fierce argument. Ishita will arrive there on time to witness it all. Now it is for time to tell whose plan is it that has become successful- Ruhi and Aliya’s or Arijit’s? Keep following us for more news, spoilers, and updates.