Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2019 Written Update:- Mansi and Arjit schemes to kill Yug

The episode starts with Arjit asking Natasha to trouble Bhallas so that they would reach Mansi for help. He sees Mansi coming and immediately changes his tune and pretends as if he’s doing all this to help Mansi get her revenge. Natasha feels weird about his behavior. He says Sunil of the same. Mansi thanks Arjit for his help and for caring for her. Mansi gets Lawyer’s call who says that Yug got dismissed off the case. Mansi gets furious listening to it. Natasha says Sunil that Arjit seems to have some inner motive to help Mansi. Sunil asks her to be careful and Natasha says that they don’t have another way. She says that she needs Shardul for the diamonds. Sunil panics and says that they need to leave from here before Police could catch them. Natasha slaps him and says that she will not leave till she gets the diamond and asks him to leave if he wants.

Mansi is crying for the dismissal of the case while Arjit fake consoles her. Mansi keeps getting a call from an unknown number and she keeps ignoring it. Arjit forces her to pick the call on to know that it’s Ischia. Ishita asks Mansi to let her meet and explain her. Mansi denies at first but later agrees on Arjit’s insistence. Arjit provokes her to kill Yug after winning their trust. Mansi agrees and they discuss their plan.

Ishita informs everyone about Mansi agreeing to meet her. Yug wants to accompany her but Ishita denies. However later she agrees on everyone’s insistence. Mansi is on a call with Arjit and he asks her to behave calmly in front of them. Mansi agrees but gets furious seeing Yug and Ishita. Arjit instructs her and Yug explains to her what happened that day. Mansi acts believing him on Arjit’s guidance. Ishita and Yug explains /Mansi about Natasha troubling them and that’s the reason he wished to meet Dr. Mishra that day. Ishita asks Mansi for the file and Mansi says that after checking on it. They leave and Mansi says that she doesn’t trust them. Arjit asks her to get her revenge and provokes her against Bhallas. Mansi agrees.

The Bhallas are having a family time when Aliya gets Vishal call. He asks Yug to meet him and Yug enquires about his change of voice. Vishal says that he’s not well and Yug areas to meet him. Yug leaves and Ishita gets doubtful. She calls Karan and informs him about Vishal. He says that Vishal is out of town. They worry for Yug. Yug takes a cab passing by as he has left his phone. The security sees the cab number. Mansi meets Arjit and Arjit gives her gun and provokes her with his words. She gets furious and leaves to kill Yug.

Precap: Yug gets shocked seeing Mansi. Before Mansi could shoot him, Arjit’s man fires the bullet and Ishita gets hurt.