Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- Happy days are ahead….. or not?

After a very long fight and too many struggles by Raman, Ishita and others, the crime master Sahil have finally gone to the police custody in Star Plus’s show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’. Not only has Sahil confessed his crime allowed in the police station, but he also openly declared that it will not take him any time to get out of the jail soon. While audiences of the show are still pondering about what might be the Sahil’s intention behind spewing out such nonsensical words, the show seems to be gearing up for a big twist instantaneously. Yes! You read it right. There is going to be a huge twist in the tale in the upcoming track of the show.

For celebrating the victorious win against the evil man Sahil and throwing him into jail, Bhalla family will together join into a set of fun-filled activities. Raman and Ishita will cozy up with each other and romantically engage in conversation of love and peace. Everyone will rejoice at the calm after the storm has passed away. There will be pleasantries in every moment of the show after a very long time. And here comes the big shocking twist!

All happiness and celebrations will be short lived. The pleasantries are going to be cut short because of very shocking news that is knocking on Ishita’s doors. A source close to the show revealed to us that the show is taking a huge turn after this shocking twist hits Ishita. Amidst all the celebrations in the family, Ishita will receive very astonishing news which will shake the ground beneath her feet. What might be this shocking news?

Has Sahil come out of jail already? Oh! No! it’s definitely not that? Or is it? To know more, keep this portal abuzz.