Soumya to cut off all her ties from Harman’s “world”

Rashmi Sharma production house show Shakti Astitva ke Ehsaas ki which airs on colors is back with their separation drama of Harman and Soumya but this time in a more drastic and disappointed way. Soumya who is a kinner by birth was protected all life first by her mother and then Harman, her husband.

The regular audience of the show is aware of the fact that Harman and his family finally accepted Soumya and they are ready to make them educated enough. On the other hand, Harman always stood besides her amidst of any situation and protect her from everything. However, it seems that the more you do favour on people, the more they talk ill about you.

In the last episode of the show audience had seen that Soumya returned to her Kinner community people and wants to entitled herself as one of them from now. Though many of them objected to her this decision but she made them assured that she belongs to this world and is not going to back there world. Mallika and some of her fellow followers said she is angry with her husband and when it will be resolved she will be back to a normal married life.

Soumya said she finally understood that all her life she only belonged to this world and life only and her mother and husband belongs from another world. She decided that if all of them agree with she being the leader of the community and work for them then she is ready to accept the responsibility. On the other side, Harman unaware of all these is looking for Soumya here and there. In tonight episode of the show, viewers will hear Soumya saying that love has no base, people will change and count their favours when you put through a hard situation. Along with it Harman will also reach the place and will scold Soumya for being a spoilsport and doubting on his life time and again. He decided not to give any loyalty test for his love for her anymore and choose his self respect.

Well life is a game of puzzle, with connecting one dot one will find another missing. That’s why it is a challenge which one have to take with own self.

Now let’s see where this clashes of ego took this two love birds in upcoming story?