Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2021 Written Update: Sirat confuse over her feeling for Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Sirat getting call from Ranveer. Ranveer asks Sirat if she got auto or not. Sirat tells to Ranveer that she doesn’t fetch auto but a car and driver is there. Ranveer asks Sirat what she means. Sirat tells to Ranveer that she bumps into Kartik but his car stopped at the middle of the road.

Ranveer asks Sirat to send the location and he will come to pick them up. Kartik checks the car. Sirat asks Kartik if he knows to repair or just pretending. Kartik says he is trying. He further share with Sirat that once he and Naira got stuck too but time just passed away in her company. Kartik adds if partner is good one doesn’t care about the time. He apologize to Sirat about his rude behaviour. Sirat asks Kartik not to be sorry.

Kartik tells to Sirat that he can’t think about anyone else because if he closes his eyes even now than can see only Naira. Sirat says it is very filmy. Kartik says she can try to by closing her eyes. He says she will see Ranveer’s face.

Kartik says he will bring water. Sirat decides to close her eyes. She stands shocked seeing Kartik’s face. Ranveer asks Sirat what happened. Sirat says to Ranveer that she is fine and was worried because he was not there. Ranveer says but Kartik was there. Sirat says to Ranveer but he was not there.

Ranveer tells to Kartik and Sirat that he brought mechanic. He offer tea to Kartik and Sirat. Sirat says to Ranveer to leave as they have to leave for their honeymoon too. Kartik thinks what happened to Sirat suddenly. Sirat and Ranveer leave.

Sirat and Ranveer packs their bags. Ranveer see Sirat and asks latter if she is excited. Sirat says it is her first honeymoon thus she is excited. She thinks she wants to leave the place soon. Ranveer and Sirat share a talk with each other.

Other side, Kairav learn he can’t meet Sirat as she is going on a vacation. He gets upset. Kartik also tell to Kairav that they are going back home. Kairav call Sirat and tells her that he will miss her. Sirat asks Kairav not to worry. Kairav tell to Sirat he wanted to learn boxing from her for school competition.

Sirat says she will teach him on video call. Kartik tries to talk with Sirat. Sirat avoid Kartik. Ahead, Kartik says to Kairav he will teach him boxing. Kairav and Kartik share quality time together.

Later, Sirat run and decides to focus on herself and Ranveer. She says she is excited to go on a honeymoon. Saroj and Nidhi prepare Sirat and Ranveer for their honeymoon. Ahead, Saroj faint and Ranveer worry for former.

There, Kartik discuss with Manish about involving Sirat and Ranveer to sponsor boxing match. Manish allows Kartik. Here, Saroj asks Ranveer and Sirat to go. Ranveer and Sirat cancel their honeymoon plan. They asks Saroj to take rest. Kartik call Sirat to inform about sponsoring boxing match for girl. Sirat avoid Kartik’s call. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Ranveer inform Sirat about Kartik’s presence in the house. Sirat refuses to meet Kartik

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