Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 13th August 2019 written update:- Kartik finds Naira after 5 long years

The episode begins with Naira is banging the door of that restricted room but no one is there to listen or pay attention to that room. She tried to call but the mobile network is also not working inside when she decides to find an alternative way to get out of the room.

On the other hand, Kartik lashes out at Liza about the careless nature of Kairav’s mother. He says Pallavi is here and the operation of Kairav is going to start in some time and she is aloof from here. Back in Goa also these things were happening and here also we have looked for her. Why this thing is happening always? Why she is so careless about Kairav? If she is not able to do the responsibility of a mother then why did she become one? Liza asks Kartik to shut up and not to judge someone without being in their shoes.

Here Naira gets collided with stuff in the room due to darkness. Liza says being a single mother is not easy and she did serve all her responsibility towards her son perfectly.

Here the gas is leaking and Naira falls and tries to stop the cylinder but not able to do it properly and faints. Pallavi comes there and asks for Naira and informs that the surgeon has arrived and he wants to meet the patient’s mother. Suddenly some ward boy noticed the room and says someone is inside when the other one picks up the prescription and sees Kaorav name and shouts is his mother inside?

Kartik and Liza listen to it and rushes to the room, Kartik asks them to open the door and they say they are trying.

Kartik asks Liza to be with Kairav, meantime he will go and save his mother. Kartik notices the false ceiling and ventilator channel to enter the room of the hospital.

Kartik wraps his scarf on his mouth and entered the room through the ceiling channel whereas the staff of the hospital tries her best to open the door. Kartik enters the room and drags the oxygen cylinder to her and wakes her up and sees her face is tied with a cloth. He unties the cloth from her face and is shocked to see that woman to be none other than his Naira.

He sees her with shocked and teary eyes, caresses her body and face and tries to believe she is his Naira. Naira gets in sense and realizes its Kartik and both hug each other while the song plays in the background. He hugs Naira again and again when Naira fell unconscious again due to inhaling of gas.

Kartik shouts for help and hospital staff enters and asks him to take her toward. Kartik is so happy and he tells the staff that she is his long lost wife. All thought her to be dead but he knew it that she is somewhere alive. His love and his believe of Naira being alive is correct. The doc and nurse get emotional to listen to him and Karti cries and sits besides Naira.

Precap – Kartik realizes Naira is Kairav’s mother and Badi Dadi slaps Naira at the hospital.