Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th February 2021 Written Update: Kartik in a fix!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Surekha saying she was shocked seeing Sirat. Suwarna and Kirti too says the same. Kirti says if Naksh would have been here if would have been shocked like them. Surekha says if Bhabhi Maa would have seen Sirat, she would have fainted. Rhea says she never seen Naira still feeling odd seeing Sirat. She adds it is good she left. Suwarna says to Goenka’s what if Sirat is their Naira and lost her memory.

JSurekha says even Gayu was confused seeing Sirat. Luv Kush says to Suwarna that people with same face exists and she should not over think. Suwarna asks Suhasini to call Guruji and ask if it is possible Sirat is Naira. Manish shouts at Suwarna and asks her to stop being a child. He says Kartik already asked none will talk about Sirat anymore. He adds maybe Sirat is after their money.

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Suwarna refuses to believe. Kartik comes from behind and asks Suwarna and others to stop talking about Sirat. He says Kairav already is not coming inside house because of Sirat. Kartik rest his head on Suhasini’s lap. Suhasini says she too wished to hug Sirat thinking about Naira. Kartik gets shocked.

There, Sirat return back her home. Mauri wish her happy birthday. Here, Gayu says to sleeping Kairav not to believe on anyone, as Naira will come back. Kartik come and asks Vansh and Krish to go back to their room. Gayu asks Kartik why he yelled at Naira. She asks Kartik not to take Kairav as she will take care of him and will wait for Naira together. Karitk picks Kairav and takes him. Other side, Mauri celebrates Sirat’s birthday. Sirat for Mauri’s sake cut the cake. Sonu come. Sirat feed him cake too. Ahead, Sirat recalls Kartik’s word and cries loudly. Mauri ask Sirat the reason behind her tears.

Sirat tell to Mauri about the incident happened at Udaipur. She cry and asks Mauri how she is wrong when her face matches with Naira. Mauri says to Sirat; Goenka’s didn’t valued her and now ever they need her she should do the same. Mauri asks Sirat not to even melt towards Kairav too. Sirat cry and hugs Mauri.

At Goenka house, Kairav craves for Naira. He asks Kartik to bring Naira back home. He cries and Kartik asks Kairav to have water. Manish and Suhasini enter the room. Gayu come and asks Kairav to have food else Naira will accuse her that she didn’t take care of him. Kairav says to Gayu he needs Naira. Gayu asks Kartik to bring back Naira. Manish says to Suhasini that Sirat did wrong by playing emotion with Kairav for money sake.

In the morning, Goenka’s learn Suhasini went to Sirat’s place. Kartik says to Suhasini that she did wrong by going to meet Sirat. Suhasini says for Kairav sake it is important. Meanwhile, Sheela learns Mauri is going through severe disease. Suhasini bumps into Sheela and asks for Sirat. Sirat gets angry recalling Kartik’s word. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Suhasini asks Sirat to become Kairav’s governess.

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