Choti Sardarni 19th February 2021 Written Update: Gulwant executes her plan to kill Sarab and Karan

Choti Sardarni 19th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher plays with Sarab and praises about Kaul to him. Meher says food is ready and calls them to eat. Sarab says he will serve now because his wife used to say that when he serves food becomes more tasty. Gulwant watches them and plans to kill them tonight. Robbie sees Meher’s pictures from Harleen’s tablet and he informs Sarab that they found Meher.

Sarab gets happy hearing him and asks the address of Meher. Before Robbie says anything, Harleen snatches the mobile from him and tells Sarab that they didn’t find Meher’s whereabouts yet. Sarab asks then why Robbie said like that. She says seeing his advertisement many people calls them just to confirm about 5lakhs.

He says he thought he can meet Meher finally. She says he won’t be able to find Meher and tells him to return soon and think about his marriage. He says he already told her that he can’t marry anyone else and says he will find Meher no matter what and he doesn’t care that he has live incomplete life until then. Meher overhears his conversation and cries. Sarab cries recalling the moments he shared with Meher. He says this small separation can’t affect their relationship.

Robbie asks Harleen that why she lied to Sarab when he is searching Meher madly. Harleen says seems like his eyes not working properly that’s why he didn’t saw the man who is with Meher and if Sarab got to know this then he can’t handle himself alone there. She says Meher moved on in her life and Sarab will shatter seeing these pictures. She says she already planned what she has to do and tomorrow new beginning will happen in Gill mansion.

Sarab asks Meher about her husband and says she didn’t said anything about her. Seher answers on behalf of Meher. Karan asks why his mother not coming in front of him and asks doesn’t she loves him. Meher thinks she has to stay away from him because of the situation and she loves him so much.

She says a mother can’t forget her child and his mother too loves him so much.Seher sees Gulwant’s shadow and tells Meher that one Aunt staying in room and Karan saying that lady is witch and she is going to eat them tonight. Sarab asks Karan to not tell these kind of fake stories again. Meher tells Seher to not fear about anything. They goes to their rooms to sleep.

Meher removes her veil and hugs Sarab seeing him in miserable condition. She says only she knows that how hard it was for her to live without them and says she missed them so much and it turns out to be her dream. Karan says he wants to sleep with Meher today. Meher takes Karan to her room. Karan gets afraid seeing Gulwant’s shadow and Meher consoles him. Gulwant attempts to destroy the guest house to kill Sarab and Karan.

Episode ends.

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