Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 22nd July 2019 Written Update- Naira faces a new trouble with Kairav illness

The episode begins with Karthik is dreaming about Naira and suddenly his dream gets over. He imagines Naira is dancing among his family members but realizes it’s Vedika. Here in Goa Kairav hallucinates Kartik and Naira together but then realizes there is nothing happening. Suddenly, Kairav feels dizzy and his visions are getting blurred. He tries to open his eyes wide but it is getting closed. Here in Goenka house, Kartik notices the knot of the Jhula is getting loosened. He looks at Vedika and watches the knot is opening. He shouts for Vedika and runs to rescue her. Here Kairav also holds his head in pain and then faints. Kartik saves Vedika and the garland decoration falls down. Here Naira gets scared and shouts Kairav and runs to him to save him.

The Goenka family gets tensed and asks Kartik and Vedika if they are ok or not? Kartik asks Vedika if she is ok and leaves from there. Naira, Liza and father bring Kairav to the hospital while Naira is crying hard and asks Kairav to get up and wonder what happened to him suddenly. Naira remembers Kartik and wishes him to be with her side in this crucial period. Here Kartik feels like someone calls him and goes all restless thinking what happened to him?

Kartik comes to the temple area of his house and prays to God to give him hint about who is not well or be an aid to the person himself and bestowed his blessing on that person. Here Naira is crying in the hospital thinking what happened to Kairav all of a sudden and prays to god to make him fine as she has none but him only by her side. Naira gets tensed watching doctors are discussing the matter with a tensed face, Liza assures her and says everything will be fine.

Here Suhashini is talking to Vedika about that incident and shares her concern while Vedika is lost in her own world of fantasy with Kartik and smiles remembering the incident. She drinks the water instead of giving dadi it with medicine. The priest comes and Dadi asks him to look for available dates for the entire functions of marriage.

Naira here asks the doctor what happened to her kid’s doc says he is stable now and then get engaged in their discussion when doc asks her for the medical history of both the parents. Naira says I am the one who suffered from blood clot disease but it was operated years ago. How is it connected to Kairav health? Doc asks for detailed medical reports before commenting anything on this matter.

Here, Kartik still feels restless and asks the manager if everything is going perfectly at the workplace? He doesn’t understand what is wrong with him. He gets thought of Kairav and wants to call him but stops thinking about his promise. Here Naira calls Udaipur hospital, asking for her reports. They denied to handover it without proper verification. Here, Kartik enters dadi’s room when he gets informed about the engagement is slated for tomorrow while Gayu warns Swarna to think again about Kartik.

Precap: Naira comes to Udaipur in disguise to take her medical reports.