Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 30th October 2019 Written update: Kairav birthday to bring happiness in the family

The episode starts with Kartik impatiently wait for Kairav arrival. Dadi and Suwarna ask him to relax saying it takes some time for them to reach our house. Manish suggests maintaining his calm. Kartik agrees and then notice the Singhanias car. He felt happy Seeing Kairav with Naira.

Kartik wishes Kairav and everyone enjoys their moment. Kairav seems silent and Kartik signs Naira what happened. Naira asks Kairav to wish his father than Kairav wishes Kartik.tgey share hug. Manish asks Kartik to move so they can wish their Kairav. Manish and Fadi wish him saying they love him more and than Suwarn wishes and says to him everyone loves him he kisses Suwarna cheek and everyone asks why he didn’t kiss them than he kisses everyone avoiding Kartik.

Kartik tries to hold Kairav but Kairav goes to Manish and says he wants to go with his grandpa.

Kartik says thanks to Naira and Naira says it’s not needed. Kartik hoping Kairav to like his idea of party and Naira assures him saying he gonna love this party. Kartik asks her why Kairav is looking low, whether it’s because of his fever. Naira says he is fine and will be active in some more time seeing everyone. After pooja completion, everyone prays to god. Kairav request god to change his dads like the previous one who used to love everyone and asks god to settle issues between Naira and Kartik.

Kairav receives so many gifts from family. Kartik says everyone forgot him. Manish asks him to don’t be jealous of seeing Kairav gifts than everyone presents their gifts to Kartik. Naira hides her gift and takes Flower bouquet from the delivery boy. Kartik thinks that’s her gift and says her it’s the best gift because it’s filled with his favourite flowers but seeing the card he got to know it’s from Vedika. He apologizes to Naira for misunderstanding and Naira gets tears and seeing them Kairav calls Naira to be with him and he thinks Kartik is making her sad.
Kairav hugs Naira and she asks him whether he is fine or not but he says he is a bit sleepy. Naira thinks hope it’s not what I think seeing Kairav behaviour.

Kartik announces the birthday party is going to begins from 12 pm to 12 am. Naksh praises him saying party Ka baap. Naksh says he will like his dress more than Kartik notice Kairav also wearing the same dress and felt happy to twinning with his kid. Naksh informs it’s Naira idea. Kairav reluctant to be with Kartik.

Kartik announces his invented game for his son Kachori miss because it’s favourite to him and Kairav. Kairav asks Naira to play otherwise he won’t be part of it. Naira agrees. Kartik, three enters from 3different entries. Naira shouts saying Kairav you didn’t strike right than Kartik says he is stuck and needed Kairav help. Later Kartik and Naira share Beautiful moment.

Precap: Kairav and Vansh enjoy the birthday party and Kairav denies to eat sweet from Kartik hand and enjoys sweet from naira. Everyone dances and takes pictures.