Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th February 2024 Written Update: Ruhi shocks Abhira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th February 2024 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Abhira gets a leave from the office. She worries Kaveri will react to seeing her in the house. Abhira gets Aryan, Krish, and Kiara support. Aryan, Krish, and Kiara share a talk with Abhira. Abhira told Aryan, Krish, and Kiara that she don’t understand the relationship because she was alone with Akshara. Aryan, Krish, and Kiara ask Abhira if she has any friends. Krish says it is important to have a best friend. He adds that a friend understands everything without asking. Abhira sits stunned.

Arman eats fast. Kaveri asks Arman why he is in a hurry. Arman says he has to feed Abhira. Ruhi asks Arman if he can check the lock on her room. Arman decides to help Ruhi. Manisha asks Manoj to look at Ruhi and Arman. Madhav gets upset after seeing Ruhi take Arman. 

Abhira thinks that since she doesn’t have any friends, she fails to understand Arman and Ruhi’s friendship. Manish struggles to run the house. He decides to arrange the money. Swarna searches for Ruhi’s allaince. She demands Manish give her Rs. 5 lakh. Manish struggles to arrange the property. 

Arman asks Ruhi why she lied about the lock. Ruhi says she lied because she wants Arman to have breakfast. Arman excuses himself to feed Abhira. Ruhi stands upset. Vidya decided to cook Rajasthani cuisine. Manisha decides to cook South Indian. Vidya and Manisha argue with each other. Abhira and Ruhi spot Vidya and Manisha. 

Manish decides to sell his property to arrange the money. Swarna confronts Manish. She asks Manish not to decide to sell the properties, as everything belongs to Ruhi. Manish gets stunned. Swarna asks Manish to pay the bills on time. Manish decides to pay the bills by selling his properties. 

Abhira tries to console Manisha. Ruhi tries to make Vidya understand. Manisha and Vidya refuse to reconcile. Abhira and Ruhi argue later. Kiara asks Arman to come back home. She tells Arman about Abhira and Ruhi’s fight. Arman runs to the house. 

Dev asks Charu to fix the mistake. Charu decides to get the lawyers information from the poddars. She worries if anyone will see her. Elsewhere, Abhira and Ruhi continue to fight. Kaveri interrupts. She decides to cancel the lunch with her friends. Arman convinces Kaveri to give a last chance to Abhira and Ruhi. He asks Abhira and Ruhi if they are ready as a team to cook. -Episode Ends

Precap: Abhira and Ruhi fight over preparing the lunch. Kajal decides to check up on Arman, Ruhi, and Abhira. Kaveri stops Kajal. Ruhi asks Arman to select if lunch will be Rajasthani or Punjabi. 

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