Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th February 2024 Written Update: Yuvraj is back

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th February 2024 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Vidya says that no matter why Abhira ruined the dish, because of Abhira Manisha and she patched up. Manisha adds that Abhira’s ideas are different. Abhira says there is no negotiation in the blessing. She decides to leave the place. Kaveri stops Abhira. She gives half a sweet to Abhira and says she did good work, but her way was different. Kaveri asks Abhira to do something so that she is forced to give her a sweet. Abhira gets happy. She hugs Kaveri and dances. Kaveri stops Abhira. She says that because of Abhira’s nature, she is afraid to give her a sweet. Aryan and Krish suggest another party. 

The poddars celebrate together. Abhira thinks there is no one around. Arman gets happy thinking about Madhav and Vidya. Abhira leaves the place. Kaveri says she only allows Vidya to give a headmassage, but Ruhi can do it. Vidya says Ruhi will retire her. She says soon Ruhi will take over the house duties. Aryan says Abhira will take care of the law firm. Kaveri gets stunned. Manisha asks Kajal about Sanjay. Kajal tells poddars that Sanjay went to Mussorie for some important work. Madhav gets doubtful. 

Arman asks Abhira what she is up to. Abhira avoids Arman. Arman asks Kiara to give him a headmassage. Ruhi gives a headmassage to Arman. Arman asks Ruhi why she did when Kaira was doing. Ruhi thinks Arman was disturbed. Arman leaves the place. Ruhi gets happy thinking about Arman.

Abhira misses Akshara. Arman decides to give a headmassage to Abhira. Abhira says no one can give a headmassage like Akshara. Arman asks Abhira to allow him to give a headmassage. Abhira allows Arman. Arman makes Abhira laugh. Abhira instructs Arman to do a headmassage. 

Manish learns that his friend, VP, is not well. He gets shocked. Manish decides to see his friend. VP meets Manish. Manish and the VP spent time together. Manish decides to cook for his friend. 

Arman looks for his shirt. Abhira enjoys food. Arman gets restless trying to find his shirt. Abhira asks Arman if she can help him. Arman asks Abhira to iron his shirt. Abhira tries to help. Ruhi helps Arman. Arman is shocked. -Episode Ends

Precap: Yuvraj returns to Abhira’s life. Abhira is shocked to see Yuvraj. 

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