Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Goenka’s upset with Karthik and Naira’s decision

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai , Karthik and Naira rush to Trisha after learning she regained consciousness. Naira will ask her to say something but except for silent tears Trisha remain idle.

Naira will cry after knowing Trisha has paralysis. Luv and Khush go home while Khush is scared of almost murdering Trisha. Luv make him silent. They will overhear family members feeling bad for Trisha and putting pressure on police to find the culprit.

Surekha will be worried that her sons name should not be revealed. Everyone will be shocked when Naira and Karthik bring Trisha home in wheelchair. The kids will get scared. Luv, Khush will start packing their bags in room in a rush to leave as Trisha has come back to the house.

Suhasini will tell Naira and Karthik they did wrong by bringing Trisha home without consulting with them. Suhasini  worry about the media attention and the effect it might have on their family and social status. Naira will be upset that they are thinking about social status when a life is in danger.

Manish will suggest to shift Trisha to a bigger hospital where there is good safety. Karthik tell them it was his idea and not Naira’s. Suhasini will inform everyone that if Karthik and Naira still insist then they don’t have a choice but support.

Seeing Luv , Khush pack their bag, Kairav will get sad but assure Khush to water their chips plant. Luv will get angry and threaten Kairav harshly if he ever talked about that chips packet. Kairav will get scared. Naira will sit next to Trisha and promise to punish the culprits.

Karthik will ask Luv, Khush to say bye to Naira who is in Trisha room. The twins get scared but as Karthik insist they go reluctantly. Naira ask who was it who did this to Trisha. Trisha lift her finger pointing at the twins who entered the room.

Naira will be stunned but thinks she was trying to gesture at something. The twins get scared and leave. Karthik think its an improvement and doctor tells them she is recovering. The Goenka’s call Naksh and tell him to convince Naira about shifting Trisha to a hospital.

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