Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th March 2020 Written Update: MISHTI GETS HURT BY ABIR’S WORDS

The episode starts with Mishti apologizing to Meenakshi calling her “Big ben”. Kuhu corrects her and says she is “Dragon saas”. Meenakshi stands up and everybody looks on.

Meenakshi starts laughing and says that she didn’t know Kuhu and Mishti are so playful. Vishambharnat scolds Kuhu and says they should not say like this. Meenakshi says it’s ok and she is about to go to change when Kunal stops her and asks sorry on Kuhu’s behalf.

Mishti points a watergun at Kunal and asks him to keep his hands up asking him how he dared apologizing on her sister’s behalf. Meenakshi says she should take rest. Mishti agrees but says only after sending Kunal to jail. Meenakshi leaves. Shaurya says that he will take Kunal to jail. Mishti thanks him but warns everybody that they should not say anything to her sister Kuhu.

Abir goes to Mishti and says that he should take her away before anyone scolds him because he didn’t stop her and asks Kunal to take Kuhu away too. Mishti and Kuhu cries because they are being taken away from each other and hold each other hands while Abir and Kunal drag them away.

Abir takes Mishti inside the room laughing. Mishti asks him why he is laughing. Abir says that she called Meenakshi “Big ben”. Mishti reminds him that he gave her that name and she was just following her husband’s order. Abir says that they shall cure this craziness.

Abir takes Mishti in the washroom and says he will throw cold water on her. Mishti gets happy. She says that he looks cute while smiling. Abir says she looks beautiful while smiling.
Abir tells her that he won the bet.

Mishti refuses to believe that since she doesn’t even remember her name so how can she know if he applied color on her. She accidentally opens the shower and water starts falling on her. Abir goes under the water too and comes closer to Mishti saying that she lost the bet so she has to do what he says. He asks her to kiss him, this is the punishment. Mishti starts coming closer to her but then runs away asking him to chase her first.

On the other hand Jasmeet and Nidhi argues over a glass of juice. Kuhu comes and drinks it. Kaushal brings green chilli for them. Kuhu says that she will win this competition too and eats it. Jasmeet and Nidhi have it too.

Meenakshi comes in the room and recalls Kuhu and Mishti’s drunk moments. She says that Thandai gave opposite result and united who had to fight.

Meenakshi hears Mishti asking Abir to leave her. Abir says that she has to complete her punishment before someone comes but Mishti escapes again. Abir runs behind her. Meenakshi puts a bag in the room and leaves.

Kuhu feels spicy. Varsha gives her water and scolds her for having Thandaai. Nanu says that Meenakshi asked everyone not to scold her since it is tradition to have Thandaai on Holi.

Kuhu doesn’t remember anything and takes Kunal aside asking him what she did. Kunal says that she misbehaved with Meenakshi first and then with him.

Meenakshi bumps into Nidhi. Meenakshi asks her why her eyes are red. Nidhi says that she is on fire. Meenakshi asks her to explain in hindi. Nidhi tells her that she had green chilli so she is feeling fire in the whole body. Meenakshi asks her why she had so many green chillies then.

She asks her to go in Kuhu’s room since there is honey there. Nidhi leaves. Meenakshi says that it is good that Nidhi came herself or else she had to call her there with an excuse since the game hasn’t finished yet.
Abir is in the courtyard. Mishti is on balcony. Abir says that he heard right that girls change after marriage and in fact she isn’t fulfilling her promises like she used to do before marriage. Mishti says that she is right there.
Nidhi has honey and water in Kuhu’s room. She finds the bag Meenakshi had placed there and opens it getting shocked.

Abir throws a red heart shaped balloon to Mishti who blasts it. Just then they hear Nidhi’s voice.
Mishti and Abir go to the hall.

Everybody is there. Meenakshi is asking Nidhi what she found. Nidhi shows her the pills. Meenakshi says that these are the pills that had been mixed in Abir’s coffee and asks Nidhi where she found them. Mishti asks that to her too. Nidhi says that she has found it in Kuhu’s room.

Everybody starts questioning Kuhu if she mixed the pills in Abir’s coffee.

Parul says that Kuhu cannot do anything like this and says that she might have placed it in Kuhu’s room while cleaning the room. Parul says that she was there in kitchen with Kuhu and has witnessed that she did nothing.

Vishambharnat and Shaurya take Kuhu’s side too. Meenakshi says that she just knows that Abir fell ill after having these pills. Abir says that he is fine now and he is upset that he couldn’t participate in the pooja but he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore since he knows that no family member can do anything with him.

Meenakshi says that they shall close the matter if he doesn’t want to talk about it.
Kuhu cries and leaves. Mishti goes behind her.

Abir tells Rajshri that he doesn’t want to know anything. Rajshri says that Meenakshi is right too though.
Abir asks Jugnu to throw the pills which are the main problem.

Kunal asks Varsha not to worry as he will talk to Kuhu about it. Parul says that she will talk to her since she is her daughter-in-law. Maheshwaris look on. Parul corrects herself saying that she is the daughter-in-law of this house. Abir says that she is his bro too and Nidhi says that she is her Kuhu teacher. Abir tells Varsha that they know Kuhu did nothing like that.

Kuhu blames Mishti for bringing the pills in her room. Mishti denies that. Kuhu blames her for mixing Bhaang in golgappa too and also insulting her because she was the only one who knew that she mixed the pills in Abir’s coffee but by mistake only.

Abir hears that from outside and gets surprised.

Mishti asks Kuhu if she doesn’t get tired of blaming her. She asks her to learn something from Parul who defended her when she had put the blame on her to save herself. Kuhu says that she cannot stay happy with her and asks her to let her stay peacefully in her room at least. She asks Mishti to leave her alone. Mishti leaves.

Mishti sees Abir outside the room. Abir says he has heard everything.
Abir goes in his room. Mishti says that she didn’t want him to know this thing like this. She says she thought everyone will go against Kuhu if they came to know about it including Kunal but Kuhu is so selfish that she should have told everyone about her spiking his coffee. Abir says no because Kunal and Meenakshi would react badly.

Mishti says that Kuhu needs to learn that mistakes get punished. Abir says that there are others way too. He says that it is not the time to bring what Kuhu did in front of everybody so now they should end the matter. He says that he knows she is used to fight only.

Mishti asks him if he is thinking that she can’t keep together such a big family since she couldn’t keep together her parents. Abir apologizes saying he didn’t meant to say that but she is hurt so she leaves. Abir tries stopping her.

Episode ends

Precap: Kuhu tells Abir that she doesn’t know what Mishti told him but she must have exaggerated only like usual wives but she didn’t want to hurt her. Mishti hears them.