Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th August 2019 written update:- Mishti leaves her home and decides to go to Mumbai

The episode begins with Kuhu comes to Rajvansh house and Kunal sees her and gets shocked. Kuhu comes and begs him for not to break the alliance and says my family didn’t say any lie to you and your family. I told them that I already told you about this fact in fact I also came to tell you everything but somehow I couldn’t be able to gather the courage to face you at all.

From the day our alliance was fixed the only thing I am concerned with is the need to be with you, I don’t want to lose you at all. She falls on his feet and begs from him for not to break the alliance and cries so much.

Meenakshi, Parul, and Abir come there and Abir feels terrible to see Kuhu like that and goes to her and make her stand. Kunal is dumbstruck with the happenings when Abir says Kuhu none of us are thinking to call off the wedding. In fact, we will not even think about it, he drags Kunal there and says Kuhu’s family doesn’t want to know where is Kunal father?

Why he left us just because they respect our privacy and feelings. So we should reciprocate in the same way. Meenakshi asks Kuhu to come with her and takes Parul along.

Here in the Maheswari family, all are getting tensed for Kuhu’s sudden absence from the house. They are trying to reach her but Kuhu arrives at home and behind her Meenakshi and Parul also comes there.

Meenakshi says to Vishwambhar that you called me egoistic but the fact is nothing matters more to me than the fact that my kids need to be happy. For my son’s happiness, I will not call off the wedding. We will arrive with groom tomorrow but I have a condition, I don’t want Mishti to be a part of the wedding. If her shadow also appears around the marriage venue trust me to break the alliance then and there.

Mishti listens to all these and says don’t worry aunty, I am anyway going from here. Meenakshi blesses Kuhu and leaves from there.

Mishti also says she will go to Mumbai at her friend’s residence and will return post-marriage only. She is going when Vishwambhar stops her and asks the rest of the housemates to inform Meenakshi about Mishti will not be a part of tomorrow’s wedding but he says to Mishti that you let me and my pride down so much.

You regard you as our own and for that only telling you not to go out at night, you can take the flight of tomorrow morning and go to Mumbai.

Mishti texts Meenakshi a thank you message for keeping her words. Meenakshi replies now it is her turn to keep the promise and go from the wedding or else…Mishti cries and thinks only if I can tell anyone about it, at least to Abir. Today even my grandfather didn’t support me then why will Abir do?

She is crying and feeling sorry for hurting Kuhu when Abir sneaks into the room through the window and hugs Mishti tightly. Mishti feels relieved and sad both when Abir asks her why did she do it?

Mishti turns her face and says the same thing. Abir says why are you lying so much Mishti? Mishti for a second thinks to tell Abir everything and takes the chance but she stops when Varsha’s words for Kuhu comes to her mind. She tells Abir whatever she wants she already told.

Abir calls her from behind but she didn’t turn and walks on. In the morning, Mishti sees all arrangements and gets emotional that she will not be a part of all these.

On the other hand, Meenakshi says to Kunal that Maheswari family will keep on waiting for then with full preparations but the groom and his family will not appear at their doorsteps.

Precap – Mishti calls Abir and remains silent, Meenakshi asks Kunal to leave the house without anyone noticing.