The episode starts with Mishti saying that she needs to talk with Kuhu. She is about to go to her but Rajshri comes. Mishti asks Rajshri to give water to Abir who is the one who is unwell not her and leaves. Rajshri gets worried about Abir.

Mishti drags Kuhu to a corner and blames her for Abir’s condition. Kuhu asks her not to talk like this in temple. Mishti blames her again for ruining a lot of things in her life but since Abir is not a thing, she is not going to forgive her and is going to tell everyone what happened. Kuhu tries stopping her in vain.

Everybody has gathered around Abir and are worried since he is pale. Meenakshi asks about Mishti who comes there and says that she has to tell them something. Kuhu comes there too and asks Mishti to listen to her. Meenakshi asks Mishti to tell the truth, why she and Abir were late for the pooja. Mishti is about to speak but shouts Abir’s name instead seeing him fainting and falling down.

Later Meenakshi asks Mishti what happened to Abir since she had told that she is the one who is unwell. They are in Abir’s room and Abir is lying unconscious on the bed. Mishti says that doctor must be coming. Meenakshi asks why they can’t go to hospital. Kunal says that Mishti felt that bringing Abir home was better so he did that.
Doctor comes and asks Meenakshi and Kunal to go outside. Kunal asks him to do anything he wants but make Abir fine. Kunal and Meenakshi leave Mishti alone with Abir who murmurs that he loves her. Doctors asks nurse to take out whatever is in Abir’s blood.

Mishti asks Doctor when Abir will get conscious but he doesn’t have a sure reply. Abir asks Mishti to relax. Mishti says that she can’t relax and asks him to get fine soon. Doctor says that now he shall sleep and not talk and leaves. Mishti kisses Abir’s forehead asking him to get fine soon.

The whole family is in the hall where Meenakshi says that she and Mishti didn’t go well together but both of them love Abir. She says that Mishti refused to take Abir to the hospital and she is worried that his condition might get worse.

On the other hand Kunal is standing on terrace. Kuhu comes and he hugs him. He wonders what happened to Abir. Kuhu says that nobody knows. Kunal says that he is not going to spare whoever is behind this condition of Abir. Kuhu says that they should go to the doctor. Kunal stops her and asks her to tell her anything she cames to know about and not keep secrets between them. Kuhu asks why she would keep secrets from him. He says that he is blabbering anything in tension.

The two come in the hall where Rajshri is apologizing to Meenakshi for Mishti’s decision. She says that Mishti must have done this thinking about Abir only. Kunal says that she is right and Mishti had asked him to turn the car towards home.

Doctor comes and Vishambharnat asks him how Abir is. Doctor reveals them that they found a substance which is normaly in sleeping pills. Everybody gets shocked. Doctor says that Abir had more than one sleeping pill and if he had them intentionally then it may become a police case and it may be more serious if someone else gave him the pills. Mishti looks at Kuhu.

Meenakshi asks everyone not to inform police until Abir doesn’t get fine and says that she has to find out why someone gave Abir the sleeping pills. Doctor says that Abir shall get conscious by tonight and asks them to call him as soon as he does. He leaves.

Rajshri asks Mishti to tell them whole the thing. She tells them whatever happened and says that when Pandit Ji asked them if they had alcohol, she wasn’t sure about what Abir consumed and she couldn’t take risk with pooja. Parul says that she took all the blame on herself and tells Meenakshi that Mishti and Abir did the real pooja.
Meenakshi wonders who did this. Mishti says that she doesn’t know too but she will find out.
Kuhu goes in the room and cries loudly blaming herself since she knew that there were pills in one of the coffee mugs but she didn’t stop anyone from having it.

Kunal gives Mishti all the medicines to give to Abir. She assures him that he won’t make any mistake but he is so worried that he decides to write all the instructions on a paper and make a copy for each family member.
Kuhu cries and is about to go to check Abir when Jasmeet comes there and asks her to tell her whole the truth.
Meanwhile Kunal asks Abir to get fine and promises not to let him happen anything.

On the other hand Kuhu has told everything to Jasmeet who asks her if there is not any proof against her. Kuhu is worried about Abir and not about any proof. Jasmeet suggests Kuhu to put the blame on someone else.

Nidhi comes and tells Kuhu that Meenakshi is calling her downstairs. Kuhu leaves. Jasmeet stops Nidhi and asks her what Abir ate last night. Nidhi tells her that had something together as usual and leaves.

Meenakshi asks Kuhu if there were her sleeping pills in Abir’s coffee since she remembers that she came in the kitchen to ask Parul to keep her bottle with pills in her room and she was there. Kuhu says that she doesn’t know how this happened. Meenakshi says that she can’t bear it if anything happens to her son. Kuhu says that nobody is fine in the house if anything happens to Abir. Meenaksho says that she thought Mishti didn’t want to come in the pooja but she had told her that Mishti does everything like she wants, that she doesn’t know how to live in a joint family and she knows Mishti better. Kuhu looks down. Meenakshi asks her to go to meet her family who is leaving. Kuhu goes out of the room. Nidhi overheard their conversation and thinks that something is surely going on.

Maheshwaris are in Abir’s room. Vishambharnat assures Nanu that nothing shall happen to Abir. Kunal asks Mishti to go to take rest and she will stay near him. Abir asks him to eat something and says that Abir will get fine since whole the family is with him. Kunal leaves with Nanu.

Rajshri says that there is a lot of love between the two brothers and says that they are proud of her tentative of increasing that love. Vishambharnat asks Mishti if everything is fine between her and Kuhu. Mishti says that everything is awesome.

Kuhu hugs Varsha and wishes to go to her. Varsha says that Kunal needs her more right now.
Maheshwaris are about to leave but Meenakshi stops them. She goes to Kuhu and asks her the truth. Vishambharnat asks what truth. Meenakshi reveals that Kuhu had broken the necklace which was for Mishti. Kuhu denies that and says that she didn’t do anything intentionally. Kuhu puts all the blame on Mishti and says that she keeps lying and put her family against her. She says to Meenakshi that she knows that Mishti belongs from a broken family and keeps breaking everything. She calls Mishti a homebreaker. Mishti stops her and asks her to stop blaming her for everything since nobody has broken anything except her. She blames Kuhu for breaking the necklace and mixing pills in Abir’s coffee. Everybody gets shocked hearing that. Mishti says that she was silent until now because of Abir but now she started blaming her. Mishti says that Kuhu broke the necklace because she hadn’t got it and she wanted to do the pooja so found this new way. She blames Kuhu for making Abir ill for her limelight. Kuhu calls her liar.

Meenakshi scolds both of them for fighting when Abir is ill. She goes to Vishambharnat and Rajshri and says that she agrees she made a lot of mistakes and asks if it is her mistake that she got such daughter-in-laws. She blames them for Abir’s condition and asks why she should keep them in her house. Kuhu and Mishti cry.
It was all Meenakshi’s imagination and nothing happened. Maheshearis greet Meenakshi and the rest of family. Rajshri says that they are just one call away.

Meenakshi wonders why it happened to Abir only when they all were together. Mishti says that they won’t spare the person who did this to Abir. Maheshearis leave.\

Mishti asks Kuhu to talk with her. Meenakshi looks at them. Parul asks Meenakshi to go to Abir and they leave. Nidhi calls Kuhu and she leaves too.

Everybody gathers around Abir. Meenakshi says that the thing could be serious if Abir doesn’t get conscious in half an hour. Nanu asks her not to worry since doctor said there is no need to admit Abir in hospital. They leave from the room.

Meenakshi is about to leave too but Mishti stops her. Mishti says to Meenakshi that she wishes she hadn’t complained about her with Rajshri. Meenakshi says that she was just sharing her pain with another mother and not complaining. Mishti apologizes and says that she was just saying that if she made a mistake she also needs an opportunity to learn. She asks Meenakshi an opportunity to learn. Meenakshi says that from now onwards she will tell her first if she thinks she made any mistake. Mishti thanks her.

Mishti thinks that Kuhu was coming to meet Abir and wonders if she won’t even meet him just to avoid her.

Episode ends

Precap: Mishti blames Kuhu for doing what Kunal had done with Nishant. Kuhu says that she thought she will drink that coffee not Abir. Mishti slaps her.