Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 10 July 2019 :- Mishti realises her feelings for Abir


The episode starts with Abir is craving for Mishti’s care and tender. She shares her anxiety for him regarding he gets into an accident and asks him why do you go out in the storm. Abir begins examining her regarding the reasons with respect to why she came to spare him. In the meantime, they hear Meenakshi’s voice from outside.

Mishti gets frightened yet Abir doesn’t relinquish her hand. She is going to leave the room when Abir’s family enters his cabin. Despite everything, she attempts to escape before getting saw yet is brought to consideration by Abir. Yashpal gets upbeat and gives his gifts to her. Meenakshi isn’t content with everybody saying thanks to Mishti. Parul thanks Mishti for being with Abir when no one is there with him. She thanks her for being a savior to Abir.

Meenakshi scolds Abir for being careless and going there without telling her. She says you will never understand what a mother goes through in. Yashpal meets Abir and says take rest, I will go and talk to the doctor.

Kunal gets upset with Abir and tells him what if something happened to you? Abir says nothing will happen to your brother. Kunal is as yet angry with Mishti for not grabbing her call.

Afterward, Mishti feels abnormal for grinning senseless and pondering Abir constantly. However, when Mishti sees Kuhu, she embraces her. Afterward, the two of them feel clumsy and disregard the occasion. Kuhu asks Mishti to change her clothes like no one in the family knows about her absence. Mishti guarantees Kuhu that Abir will converse with Meenakshi when he shows signs of improvement. Here, Abir clarifies how Mishti has completed some help to them by sparing his life. Abir does pranks on Kunal and leg pulls of him.
Meanwhile, Maami enlightens Meenakshi concerning Kunal’s arrangement of eloping. Meenakshi institutes to blow up. She asks Maami to keep quiet and says to go from there. Here Mishti is relishing the feeling of being in love and sees a dream sequence with Abir. Kuhu gets surprised to see Mishti like this. Ishq Hua song plays in the background…

Meenakshi calls Rajshri and welcomes them to Rajvansh house to settle contracts. Kuhu enquires the purpose behind Mishti’s grin. She gets some information about the circumstances she was in the previous evening. Mishti advises her beginning and end. In the meantime, Rajvansh’s arrival with Abir from the emergency clinic and discover the Maheshwari’s at their home.

Precap : Abir says to Mishti that he will make her meet with the painting girl

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