Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 6th December 2019: Abir and Kunal appear for the off-site meeting

Episode begins with Abir gets to hear from the conversation of Kaushal and his wife that Meenakshi is trying to find out who and what is the M of Nishant M?Abir runs to his mom and destroys the laptop so that Meenakshi won’t be able to get the information clearly. Mishti and Nishant reached the bus stop together and Mishti says to him don’t do any NishMish attack in front of me he may not like it. Nishant makes fun of her and Abir and Mishti playfully hits him. Nishant says that I don’t understand your type of love I mean this confidence and happiness for love, all this seems odd to me. Mishti says it is because you are not in love with someone with full of heart now. The day you will fall in love for someone with full heart and emotions you will get to know no I am doing all this in fact that they will be the happiest day of your life.

Nishanth says OK I will see that later but as of now what if he doesn’t come for the trip? Mishti says he will definitely come I am sure of it. Just then Nishant receives a text from Kunal that he and his brother Abir will not be able to appear for the offsite meeting due to a family emergency. Nishant says to Mishti that I got a text from Kunal and he is saying that they will not be able to make for the meeting. Mishti gets upset and Nishanth is trying to cheer her up.

On the other side, in the Rajvansh house Parul comes to Abir and says Kunal is being so happy these days and all these are becoming possible because of you. no one will do such a big sacrifice even for own blood related brother, what you did for Kunal. Abir says those are old talks right now and I don’t want to discuss all this when he receives a call from Nishant and he excused himself from Parul. Nishanth ask her if everything is alright in his family as important text from Kunal that they will not be able to come for the meeting at the last moment due to a family emergency. Abir saya Kunal will not be able to handle the matter alone, hence I have to be here.

Abhir and Kuhu had a conversation regarding his collision with Mishti. Who says I will not going to interfere or judge you regarding the matter between you and Mishti because I feel that is personal and I know how to keep two things separate. Abir understands that he is somehow mixing personal and professional, hence he went for the meeting and Mishti gets to know about it when she climbed up the top of the bus at the bus stand. She gets happy and code language conveys the same to Nishant. Nishant stops Kunal from going at the top of the bus so that Mishti and Abir can spend some time together. On the other hand, Mishti and Abhi are talking in mind but both of them are getting a feeling that the other person is saying something. Mishti remembers both of them want to celebrate her birthday in a unique way and she promised him that she will win the challenge that day.

Precap : Abir and Mishti had a trip and fall while Meenakshi is video calling Abir.