Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 17th October Written Update: Aman traps Jinn inside a pot with the unknown help of Roshni

Episode begins with Aman is about to put the ring in Ada’s finger but he halts and waits for his grandmother to appear for the ceremony. His and ask him to go ahead with the ring as his grandmother will appear soon, he is still hesitating when his mom says to him not to wait and go ahead with the ceremony. He gets convinced and finally lips swelling in her finger and everybody clapped. Jinn is standing outside of the house and he transforms himself into smoke to enter the house.

Suddenly the family members see that the house is being filled with so much of smoke. Aman sees his grandmother is coming out of his room with terrified face and he guesses that something is really wrong. All the smoke gathered in the centre of the hall and the size of the smoke is getting bigger and taller. Aman asks everybody to assemble together and comes behind him and he is looking at the figure with widened eyes while his mother it’s terrified.

The smoke slowly transforms into a human figure and the setup of the Jinn is prominent to everybody over there. Aman asks everyone to go backwards while he starts to climb up the stairs in a backward motion. Jinn is coming near him and making sure he is the one he wants. Aman is scared but somehow he is able to see in the eyes of the Jinn. Suddenly his family members gathered together to help him out and his mother, grandmother and aunt comes from the other direction of the staircase and sprinkles special water on Jinn which immediately transforms the Jinn into a stone statue and It breaks down on the floor.

Aman is relieved and he went to his family people to console them when his mother brings a pot and ask him to put the Jinn inside it with the help of his magic. Aman calls for baazigar and supplies is magic on the pieces which started to gather together for reformation but unfortunately gift magic is not working on the pieces of Jinn. He looks at his family members helplessly who keeps on asking him to try again and again.

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He tried but his efforts are going in vain. His family members come forward and puts hand in hand to form a family bond is the belief that no power can win over the love and the bond of a family. Aman try again but no changes happened. His grandmother brings other for what and puts her hand in his and then ask him to try again.

Other side, Roshni also entered the radius of the house where Aman is also present to deliver the sweets. As soon as system in the radius circle of her Aman and Jinn, the magic of Aman works and he is successful in putting Jinn inside the pot. Everyone in the house think that this has happened because of other as she is not an ordinary girl. Roshni realises she has reached in a wrong address and she left there but the hair clips of her falls on the floor.

Aman tells his family member that do they will want to go ahead with the marriage as it can put an innocent life into danger. Family tries to make him understand that the problem is not only about him but the entire family members and the sake of the good of the masses he has to get married. Aman reluctantly agrees to their demands and they all rejoices. Roshni comes back at the Junaid house look for her hair clips and she entered the house.

Aman noticed her near the swimming pool and wonders what she is doing here? Roshni is looking for hair clips and suddenly she noticed a spark in a book closet. She tries to check on it but then her feet stumbles and she is about to fall but Aman saves her. On the other hand, a lady comes out of the grave and she builds a stand Storm and from wherever she is passing living destruction site behind.

Precap – The marriage of Aman and Adaa is taking place. Ada says qubool hai for Aman.